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I Sea a Card Change Coming!

It’s time to take a deep dive into trick-taking with Sea Change! Can you play your cards just right, perch-ance, to stick your opponents with negative points? Will you dominate the trump suit, or will you flounder under the pressure? Let’s take a Betta look!

Ingen VS Raptors – Who Will Win?

As we all know, in any battle, there are no true equals. But, an unmatched fight is all the more interesting anyway. So, is a master hunter the perfect match to take on 3 clever raptors with a taste for blood, or will the hunter become the hunted while roaming the battlefield? Time to find out!

Build Your Best Beach!

Would you rather a serene seashore, quiet and calm, or a bustling beach with tons of locals and tourists hanging out? Maybe something in between would better suit your style. Whatever you choose, you just need to make sure you create the most appealing oceanfront in all of Santa Monica! Let’s get started!

New Cards & New Strategies: Tapestry Plans & Ploys

If you’re looking for a new civilization to grow, more landmarks to build, and more space to explore – you’re in luck! Tapestry: Plans and Ploys has it all, and then some. Are you ready to sneak out a victory? Let’s find out.

It’s Raining Tiles & Flowers!

Take a deep breath, get comfortable, and jut sit back and relax. You’re spending the day at the lake where you’re bound to see the beautiful sight of lilies blooming. If you’re lucky, you’ll even be able to see all 8 types bloom today. Ready to give it a go? Let’s begin!

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