If you’re looking for a new civilization to grow, more landmarks to build, and more space to explore – you’re in luck! Tapestry: Plans and Ploys has it all, and then some. Are you ready to sneak out a victory? Let’s find out.

What Is It?

An expansion to Tapestry – a 1-5 player civilization building game where players advance along various to enhance their capital city, resource income, and more. The expansion adds more civilizations to choose from with unique abilities, new landmarks players earn in unique and individualized ways, more tapestry cards for variety, and more space tiles. The expansion also adds 5 scenarios for solo play for players to try as new challenges, or as a campaign experience.

Who Is It For?

  • Fans of Tapestry who play the game often
    • Particularly solo players of the game who want new challenges

Components / Quality

Nice quality across the board, and everything matches the quality of the base game which is great for the cards especially. The building minis are nicely detailed. Cards have a nice finish. Space tiles and landmark tiles are average cardboard. The one thing I don’t like is the exploration bag, it’s just kind of thin and weak, but I also don’t feel like that’s a necessary component for the game.


  • More variety without adding a lot to learn
  • Personal landmarks are a nice touch that lets everyone earn a larger building without having to be the first one to a certain spot on a track
  • Landmark tokens are a nice visual addition to the board
  • Solo scenarios help change solo game up and open new strategies


  • New tiebreaker (tallest building) seemed really random to me, and not very interesting
  • Not great for players looking to make big changes to the multiplayer base game

Final Thoughts

If you play Tapestry often and want a little more variety to civilizations, tapestry, and space tiles, this is a great choice. I personally also really like the new individual landmarks players get, giving them a small side goal to work on. The expansion is an even better choice for you if you’re primarily a solo player of the game, because the new scenarios offer a neat way to change up the solo game.

My Final Ratings:
Overall Expansion – 6/10
Aesthetics – 7/10
Difficulty – 4/10
Replay Value – 6/10

Additional Information:
Designer – Jamey Stegmaier
Artist – Andrew Bosley, Rom Brown
Publisher – Stonemaier Games
MSRP – $30.00

*I was provided a copy of this expansion to do this review*

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