It’s party time! Monsters love a good shindig, but will you be able to throw the biggest party on the block? Lay out the best party favors to draw in the crowds, and your party will surely go down in history! Let’s get partying!

Rock-Paper-Scissors – Each round, players will simultaneously choose a party favor card from their hand, hoping to collect the associated monsters. They win if they select the party favor that X’s the most flipped cards. Players can collect extra stacks if the delivery guy is out when you win a flip, or if you are the only player to play the pizza favor when the party pig is out.

  • 2 to 4 Players – Scales fine for any count. A little more interesting with 3 to 4 though
  • Ages 8 & Up – Straightforward and approachable for a wide audience
  • Fans of light card games / Players who are looking for a twist on rock-paper-scissors

  • Fun theme
  • Cute art; a few unique images for each type of card
  • Nice quality cards & carrying case
  • Rulebook links to a handy how-to-play video
  • Rounds/game plays quickly
  • Small/portable; doesn’t need a large play area
  • The rules are super simplified…to the point of being a bit too vague. And some of the notes on the reference cards don’t match the rules as-written. The video definitely helps, but I wish the rules had a little more detail
  • Game doesn’t change much play to play

Overall, it’s a cute little card game. I’ve seen the “rock-paper-scissors” mechanism used in a few games, but I thought this was neat because it was really more about predicting what your opponents’ will do, rather than just playing favors to try and get the biggest stack of guests. I wish the rules were a bit cleaner, but ultimately, I thought it was a decent filler with a fun theme!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 6/10

Designer – Derek Saenz
Publisher – Toga Pig Games
MSRP – $19.99
Website – Use code SETTLER and get 15% off!

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