Tired of boring old holiday cards that no one really reads, and that often go right into the recycling bin? Then you’re going to want to check this out! Roll & Colour: Christmas Cards are a card and a game all wrapped into one, and are going to make their mark for the upcoming holiday season! Let’s take a look and see what they’re all about!

What Are They?

Plastic Currents is a grid movement game where you’ll move plastic around the board according to a dice roll (which determines the current) until you rid the ocean of all the plastic!

Roll & Colour is a roll and write game where you’ll color in stars according to your roll, and try to avoid having the same color stars in the same squares. Get 17 points for a perfect score!

Both have all their rules on the back side and their game boards on the front, and are blank in the center so you can add any message you’d like!

Who Are They For?

  • Solo Players
  • Ages 8 +
  • Someone looking for a unique card for the gamer in their life


  • Don’t require a lot of additional materials
  • Small rulesets
  • Plastic Currents is replayable game!
  • Everything fits on the single card
  • Even though Roll & Colour is a one-time play (you can make it replayable with a plastic sheet protector and dry erase markers) you still get a uniquely colored in card to display when you’re done!
  • It’s something different than the same old greeting cards
  • Aesthetics – Really clean and attractive looking, everything is laid out nicely in both the rules and game boards
  • Quality – Very nice quality cards


  • They don’t come with everything you need to play. Again, very little is needed, and it should be no problem getting the materials (a few dice or an online dice roller, colored pens, some plastic bits or jellybeans) but just be aware and maybe give the materials to the receiver along with the card.
  • Roll & Colour is a one-time play; I kind of wish the cards were laminated so it could be replayed, but it’s still a fun experience regardless

Final Thoughts

I thought these were absolutely adorable and unique, and better yet, the games were neat too! I think that these are a great choice for a different kind of card to give to someone who enjoys a short, light solo game.

The designs I had were also generic looking, and again are blank inside, so they can work for birthdays, Christmas, or any holiday where you want to give a card! I definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a new type of card to give to someone.

Additional Information:
My Overall Ratings: 7/10
Designer – Jessica Metheringham
Publisher – Dissent Games
MSRP – £2.50 each, £9 for 5, £15 for 10. Postage extra.
Kickstarter – Ending Soon! (11/7)
Etsy – Available Starting 11/8

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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