If you’re looking for some quality jewelry to show of your love of all things board games — you’re in luck! The Meeps online store has some amazing earrings,* for those of you with pierced ears, that you definitely need to check out!

*They have other cool products as well, like t-shirts and tanks, but I’m just reviewing the earrings as I have seen those first hand.

What Are They?

Handmade polymer clay earrings with surgical steel studs. The Rainbow Meeples are approximately 0.5in x 0.5in and the six-sided dice earrings are approximately 0.8in x 0.8 in.

The meeples also come in solid colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or pink, and the dice come in white, black, or nightglow (aka glow in the dark!)

Other earring options, which I would imagine are very similar, include Catan inspired pieces, 20-sided dice, Pacman and ghosts, and unique zero-waste earrings using leftover clay from the other designs.


  • Super cute designs
  • The glow in the dark paint works really well on the dice earrings
  • Affordable prices
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for daily wear
  • Feel sturdy
  • Well packaged, and felt very personalized


I think the only “cons” that I had had more to do with personal preference than with the earrings themselves. For example, I personally didn’t find them comfortable to lay down in, so I took them out before I went to bed. And I have a double ear piercing at the bottom of my ears, and because of the size of the dice, they covered my other earrings. But you may not experience these issues depending on how/where you wear earrings. As far as quality, design, and overall feel – no complaints!

Final Thoughts

I’m generally pretty picky about my earrings because my ears are a bit sensitive and can’t really handle heavy or oversized pieces. These are top notch and I adore them! They fit comfortably, look rad, and are easily recognizable by gamers, so you can show off at every game night! If you’re looking for some great board game jewelry, this is it!

Additional Information:

Rainbow Meeple Price – $13.00
Nightglow d6 Price – $14.00
All jewelry is handmade by D. Luna, t-shirts and stickers are printed by an Oregonian company. All packaging is recycled and recyclable, trying to avoid plastic use as much as possible.

*I was provided these earrings to do this review*

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