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Earrings Perfect for Game Night!

If you’re looking for some quality jewelry to show of your love of all things board games — you’re in luck! The Meeps online store has some amazing earrings,* for those of you with pierced ears, that you definitely need to check out!

*They have other cool products as well, like t-shirts and tanks, but I’m just reviewing the earrings as I have seen those first hand.

Top 10 Player Meeples in Games

Howdy Gamers! Have you ever played a game and as you collect your player meeple(s) for set up, you just look at them and go “Wow, this is such a cool/thematic/adorable piece!”? Me too! These are my top 10 player meeples in games; these are not minis or fancy acrylics, just simple, wooden meeples. Let’s take a look!

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