Do you prefer chocolate to caramel? What about coconut versus nutty flavor? Whatever your favorite flavor, you better hope it ends up in your candy haul, and doesn’t ultimately give you a big ‘ol tummy ache! Do you have what it takes to collect all your favorite treats and keep them out of everyone else’s candy bags? Only one way to find out. Ready to go trick-or-treating? There’s no time (or candy!) to waste!

What Is It?

A trick-taking game where players are not only trying to win tricks, but also to collect cards with their favorite flavor (chosen from 3 randomly dealt cards each round) all for points. Players also lose points for every prank they unfortunately collected in their tricks.

Rounds last for 13 tricks, scoring after every round, and and the game ends when someone has hit from 13 to 31 points, depending on the length of game players chose.

This rewrapped version is also an updated version of the game with an updated rule set, as well as some small expansions.

Who Is It For?

  • Ages 10+
  • 2 to 5 players – Works fine at any count, but definitely a bit more interesting with 4 or 5
  • Fans of trick-taking games
  • Fans of candy / Halloween themes

Variants / Expansions

In the Advanced Rules, the player who wins the most tricks in a round does not score any points for tricks (but does still earn points for their favorite flavor) because they were greedy and got a tummy ache. Favorite flavors are also part of the advanced rules. I wouldn’t play the game without favorite flavors, as I think they are a simple, but great addition to the game. However, I’m not big on the tummy ache rule because I think it can be really demotivating to do well in round only to not be rewarded for it. I prefer to just score tricks and flavors normally.

The King-Sized Expansion adds 13 new King Cards and 2 new Non-Candy cards to the deck, for additional variety in the deck. This deck allows for the game to go up to 5, which I think is a nice addition, as trick-taking games always feel like a bigger group style game to me.

Finally, the Lost Treats Kickstarter Expansion adds 12 new Treat cards, 1 new prank, and 1 new flavor card to the decks, again, for additional variety in the game, which is never a bad thing in my opinion, so I added those in straight away.

Again, all of these are included right in the box, ready to play with, nothing needs to be purchased separately.


  • Art – Simple but very cute
  • Theme – Very cute theme that I think a lot of people will like
  • Replayability – The deck is pretty big, so there’s a good amount of replay value, especially when you add the little expansions
  • Various special suits (non-candy, pranks, etc) were neat additions that made it feel unique from other trick-taking games
  • The abilities on various cards were interesting and kept the game fresh
  • Plays smoothly and quickly
  • Small and portable


  • Like I mentioned, I’m not big on the tummy ache rules, because I just don’t like when someone has to miss out on scoring just for playing the game, though I do understand how it could be interesting to some players to try and lose specific tricks to try to not have the most
  • Only 2 reference cards – I always think there should just be enough for every player to have one

Final Thoughts

I feel like I’m very hit and miss with trick-taking games, but I can’t resist anything that is Halloween / trick-or-treating / Fall themed, and this was pretty cool!

The flavors give players an added way to score which can keep the game close, even if you aren’t winning a lot of tricks, which I like. Technically, they’re the advanced rules, but I’d add them in from the start, especially if you’re familiar with games already. I’d also add in the extra expansion cards to add to the variety of the deck.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t really recommend the tummy ache rules, as I thought they were frustrating.

I thought the trick-taking mechanism went really well with the trick-or-treating/candy collecting theme, and the game had a nice look overall. If you like trick-taking, and just want another small box to add to the collection, this is a great choice! Grab it in time for Halloween!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 6/10

Designer – Jon Barron
Artist – Racknar Teyssier
Publisher – Baron Jon Games
MSRP – $19.99

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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