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My contributions to the ongoing event of the Tabletop Writers Diversity Initiative

A Board Game Poem

Even without a passport,
I can travel far and wide.
From USA to Germany,
the tickets are my guide.

I like to take the scenic route,
through trees and woods galore.
I wave to friendly woodland folk,
and collect wood, stone, and more.

I don’t fear getting lost,
for I mapped my path out well.
As long as I don’t get ambushed,
my trip should turn out swell.

Often my adventures,
take me traveling through time.
I try not to cause anomalies,
for that would be a crime.

In one of my favorite places,
I become a God.
I move, and build, and climb on up,
in my little quad.

When I’m feeling all worn out,
and in need of a drink,
I stop by the local tavern,
and give the wench a wink.

My life may seem spectacular,
or absurd with all these claims.
But my secret is, that it’s all true,
thanks to my board games.

My Gaming Community

Howdy gamers! The Week 7 Challenge for the Tabletop Writer’s Day Initiative is to discuss your Gaming Community. It’s been a hard year to think about community because I (like many others) missed out on a bunch of conventions, FLGS events, and even weekly gaming nights. But last month my small, local group finally got back to weekly game nights, so I want to talk about them a little bit! Let’s get to it!

Gaming Culture: I Miss Conventions

Howdy gamers! For this week’s Tabletop Writer’s Diversity Initiative – Challenge 6 – we’re talking about Gaming Culture. There’s so many topics you can talk about when it comes to the culture around the hobby, rather than just the games themselves, but I decided to focus on conventions. Let’s dive right in!

Mechanics, Theme, and Artistry (Oh My!)

Howdy, readers! We’re back with Week 5 of the Tabletop Writers Diversity Initiative, and the challenge is “to identify a particular cross-section of gaming that excites you – then write about it!” I read and reread the description for this week a bunch, because I couldn’t decide what to write about! I own and play so many games and definitely see trends in what mechanics, genres, themes, and more that I tend to enjoy more or gravitate toward, and I could probably talk about any at length (in fact, pretty sure I have in a few past posts), but it’s hard to choose just one to focus on. After much deliberation, I decided to look at real-time games!

Let’s Play a Caption Game!

Hey friends! It’s time for my next entry in the Tabletop Writers Diversity Initiative with “Challenge Four: Caption This!” The first group of images below were graciously provided by the TWDI for participants to caption. I had a bunch of fun coming up with little comments for these, and encourage you to try as well! I’ve also included an image of my own at the very bottom for you to take a whack at! Have fun, and, as always, Happy Gaming~

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