Howdy gamers! The Week 7 Challenge for the Tabletop Writer’s Day Initiative is to discuss your Gaming Community. It’s been a hard year to think about community because I (like many others) missed out on a bunch of conventions, FLGS events, and even weekly gaming nights. But last month my small, local group finally got back to weekly game nights, so I want to talk about them a little bit! Let’s get to it!

My main group is made of up 5 cool peeps, including myself, and we meet once a week, for about 4 hours, to play some games! To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how it all got started, but I’m certainly glad it did! It was small at first, and we tried to expand, but then we ended up with just the 5 of us sticking around, and I have no problems with that, haha. We don’t all make it every week, but overall we’re pretty consistent and just excited to have some friendly faces to play with.

I would say that we all have pretty varied tastes in games, both in themes and mechanics, so we’ve all played a bunch of games we likely would not have picked up if not for each other. And while that sometimes means we don’t like what was brought to the table, it also means that we get to try a bunch of new things, and find some hidden gems we might not have uncovered otherwise, which is awesome! It’s also a great situation because some of us don’t play much of anything at home, while others of us get the chance to try 3+ player games during these nights.

I game with my husband all the time, and that’s awesome cause we have very similar tastes. I also play with some other friends on sporadic weekends, but that usually ends up being more party-ish or light games. I’m really glad to have this group because of the wide variety of games we play, that aren’t limited to the 2-minimum count issue I have when only playing with my husband. I’m also grateful for the group because the peeps in it are some great dudes! We don’t just play games together, we have a lot of jokes and laughs, sometimes we bring snacks, and sometimes we even give/sell/trade games between each other! I’m glad to call this group my friends ^__^ I don’t think most of them read the blog, but, hey, if y’all are, HI!!!!

See ya in the next post, all!

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