Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I sure hope so! There’s nothing better than being on the same wavelength as others – instantly clicking and connecting – especially when you can earn points for it! Your words are limited, so don’t waste them. Give the best clues you can to get your team to sync up!

Team Play/Cooperative – Players split into 2 teams. Team members will take turns being clue givers/guessers. If there are less than 4 players, or if players just prefer, you can also play cooperatively as one team.

Word Association – Someone on the team will give a 1 or 2 word clue to get the guesser to figure our the team’s current word.

Resource Management – A bit of a stretch maybe, but hear me out. Teams must spend tokens in order to give clues. The more they spend, the more words they can use, but once they run out, they can not attempt any more cards, so they have to be careful with those!

  • 2 or More Players – With less than 4, players play cooperatively. With an odd number, players split into uneven teams. I do think an even number is best, and 4 or more players is my preferred way to play
  • Ages 12 & Up – Simple gameplay, but some words might be a tad harder for younger players to guess or give clues for
  • Fans of light/party games
  • Fans of things like Password, or other word association type games
  • Players who know each other well enough that they can give simple clues that their teammates can still easily guess from

Cooperative – For this one-team version, you rotate the guesser and at the end of the game you check your score against a chart to see how synced you are.

It’s a nice variant if you’re looking for a simple, quick, Password type game for a small group, or if you just want less competitive play. It can be fun to go for a high score!

  • Nice color scheme – love the pink
  • Lots of cards, plus 5 words per card – good variety
  • Lots of creative freedom for clue giving
  • Smooth gameplay
  • I like that “stealing” still costs the opposing team a token (i.e. costs them a turn) so they can’t just give a guess for free and get lucky points
  • Simple rules; rules are well-written
  • Small/portable; don’t need much of a play area
  • Sometimes wish the clue giver(s) could just pick which word to use on a card instead of doing a random number, but I did worry that would make it too easy
  • The rules state that if you’re unsure if a certain clue is okay, the other team gets to decide, but that felt weird because you want to ask if a clue is okay before you give it, but then it gives the other team info on the word that’s being guessed. We tried to avoid this as much as possible and just pick clues we knew would be acceptable

I really like games like Password, Just One, and Rabble (in the 2nd round) where you have to give few-worded clues to have someone guess a word. This works really well in this genre!

I like that you are limited by your tokens as it adds a small level of strategy for when to try and use less words versus really needed the 2-word clue. The stealing element also adds an extra layer because you don’t want to give a clue that your team might not know, but that you are sure the other team would guess. If you like this style of game, check this one out!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 7/10

By Rabble
MSRP – $15.00