How well do you think you know your friends and family? If you know where some of their opinions lie, then you’ll be able to easily find topics you disagree on! Remember it’s okay to agree to disagree; in fact – it’s the best way to score points!

A party game where players simultaneously lock in their opinions on certain topics chosen by the mod for that round. Players are trying to align their opinion device with someone who they think they disagree with in order to score points. When only 2 players remain in a round, they must vote on whether they think they agree or disagree, and earn points for a correct guess instead. At the end of the game, the most points wins!

  • 2 to 8 Players – For 2 or 3 players, there is a cooperative variant, which I would not recommend. I think you need at least 4 players to really get a feel for the game, and it shines at 6 to 8.
  • Ages 10 & Up – The game is simple enough to play with a large age range, you just have to keep the audience in mind when playing and be sure to tailor your category selections to fit the ages
  • Fans of icebreaker type games and learning about others’ opinions
  • Players who won’t give away info after matching up with others (i.e. saying “I thought you liked that movie!” after learning someone put “dislike” on their device – it gives others information they should not have)

2 to 3 Players – Your cooperative goal is to form 4 or 3 consecutive connections, respectively. I thought that this was a really boring variant, actually. Unless you’re playing with complete strangers, I just thought it was way too easy to just pick topics that you know you disagree on (or the other 2 disagree on for 3 players), so it was too easy to make the connections. I just wasn’t interested in the gameplay.

There are a handful of other ways to play listed as well – mod not having a say in topic, mod selecting category and topic alone, one category for the whole game, and options of wagering points. None of the variants really stand out to me, and I feel like they all just add unnecessary restrictions, or add more rules where they aren’t needed for such a light game. I think the base way to play is the best way to play.

  • Components – Nice quality across the board
  • Box – good insert for all the components
  • Aesthetics – Nice color scheme
  • Replay Value – There’s lots of category cards/options, plus you can change the topic every time a category is picked (i.e. “desserts” could be pie, or ice cream, or brownies!)
  • Fun/unique opinion devices
  • Unique concept for gameplay
  • Plays pretty quickly
  • Good for a wide age range
  • I thought the game was a little confusing to explain at first. Maybe because of putting the devices together, a lot of people I taught thought you wanted to “match” others (i.e. have the same answer) so it took a bit to wrap their heads around wanting to disagree.
  • The 2-3 player variant fell flat for me
  • I thought the final 2 players each round was a little disappointing. I’m glad you still have a fair chance at points, but it just felt off with the flow of the game to me

I thought this game had a unique idea, but I guess I wasn’t really sure who it was for. If players know each other’s opinions, the game isn’t very challenging, because you know who you agree or disagree with. If players don’t know each other well, it’s harder to find someone to match your device with, which can become frustrating. Ultimately I thought this seemed like a neat icebreaker, “get to know you” type of activity, but the way that scoring worked kind of muddle that a little.

I didn’t think this game was for me/people I normally play with, but I think if you have a good group of 6 to 8, it could definitely be a lot of fun and incite a lot of fun conversations as you learn everyone’s opinions on certain topics. So if it sounds like fun to you – check it out!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 4/10

Designer – Ryan Mindell
Publisher – Adam’s Apple Games, LLC