Heroes, assemble! There are battles to fight and heroes to rescue from the wicked grip of Thanos himself. Use your attack types and special abilities effectively in order to come out on top and save the day!

What Is It?

A cooperative, collectible dice rolling game. Players will take on the role of a hero and roll the attack die in various battles, adding their best applicable stat to the roll to try and win; they may also be able to use their unique abilities in some cases to try and secure a win. Winning Thanostone battles also allows the team to crack open a Thanostone and rescue another hero, who then gets added to the team!

Losing battles, along with coin flips after all active heroes have attacked, can increase the danger on battles, which may result in lost battles for the heroes.

Players win the game by winning a certain number of battles (depending on player count) but if they lose 3 battles, they lose the game.

Who Is It For?

  • Ages 6+
  • 1 – 5 players
  • Fans of Marvel
  • Fans of very light, cooperative games
  • Players who don’t mind a heavy luck factor


  • Components – Excellent production; the characters minis are fun, chunky, and colorful. The cards are laid out cleanly and are nice quality as well. The cardboard components (armor, danger) are small, but fine for the little bit you use them
  • Art – It’s a cutesy take on Marvel characters, which I’m a huge fan of
  • Rules – Well-written and very streamlined; small learning curve makes it accessible to a wide range of players
  • Collectible – There are so many characters! Especially since there are already 3 series of the game available. It’s a very fun thing to get packs and see what characters you got for commons, and in the Thanostones once it is time to open those, and try to collect them all
  • Variability – Set up is variable, so you won’t get battles in the same order, nor the exact same battles in multiple plays. Being able to add more characters and try different abilities/combos changes the game up as well


  • Collectible – While random pulls and finding all your favorite characters can be thrilling, it can also be a pain-point. The cost of the game can add up quickly the more packs you buy, and you’ll end up with duplicate characters as well.
  • Luck – You roll a die to determine if you win or lose the battle, and one side of the die is a guaranteed loss even if your stats alone would have been enough to win. On top of that, you flip a coin every round to see if some battles are just lost (or closer to lost). You can try to send your heroes to the battles that are best suited for their skills and abilities, but you don’t always have great control, which can be frustrating for some players

Final Thoughts

The look of this game is amazing, and made me instantly interested in it. While I wasn’t crazy about the high luck factor after playing it, I still thought it was very cute, and an enjoyable play. It’s also not very long, which helps me not feel as bad about a loss that comes down to luck.

I think that any Marvel fans will like this, as long as they like light, cooperative games, but I think children and families who like Marvel will be particularly drawn to this, and will be able to get a lot out of it and have a lot of fun collecting the characters.

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 5/10

Designer – Prospero Hall
Publisher – Funko Games
MSRP – $9 – $25 (depending on the type of pack you get)

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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