Looking for a game for you and your partner that lasts more than just an evening? Looking for a game that also lets you earn points for doing something as easy as washing the dishes, or giving your partner a kiss? Marital Bliss gives you missions to last a whole week! Can you slyly complete then to gain enough points to earn your reward? Will you catch your partner in the act and guess their missions before they have a chance to complete them? Who will come out on top with the most points? Let’s find out!

What Is It?

Tasks – A card game where both players are given 7 secret missions, such as giving your partner compliments, or surprising them with a gift, that they need to complete throughout their week-long game session. Players also choose a reward card at the start of the game which will be their prize if they win. These might include freshly baked cookies or a massage.

Cooperative / Competitive Play – Players can choose to play cooperatively, aiming to earn a certain number of points together so they both get a reward, or competitively, aiming to earn more points than their partner so that they earn their own reward. When playing competitively, players can also try to guess their partner’s missions in order to force them to discard it, meaning they can not earn those points.

Who Is It For?

  • 2 Players – Couples/partners mostly, though some cards are not super partner specific, so you could go through the deck and pick out things that would work for you and a friend/roommate as well
  • Adults – Ages 18+
  • Fans of hidden “role” type games and playing “lifestyle” games (it tries to “gamify” your day to day activities)

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  • Aesthetics – Cute and simple art
  • Rules – Small rule set, easy to get started
  • 2 ways to play – Plus you can extend/shorten the length of the game to fit your needs
  • Variety – There’s a good number of cards so you could play a few times without even seeing the same missions


  • I’m not a fan of when rules tell me “it’s your game, do what you want” (i.e. make your own rewards/missions). I don’t want to design my own anything in any type of game because, it defeats part of the purpose of getting the game
  • Some of the cards didn’t sit right with me. For example, a mission was to ask your partner for an opinion and then just agree with it, or to play a game and just let them win, both of which were weird things, at least to me, because it felt like just lying. Then, a reward was “a blessed night alone,” which was odd to me because if the goal of the game is to bond with your partner, why would I want to win alone time? Luckily, there were not a ton of cards like that, but I did think the few along that line were strange additions
  • Some missions felt much harder than others, but the points didn’t scale. For example, planning a fun activity (which I consider easy to do with anyone, especially your partner) was worth the same number of points as “watching a sunrise together” (which is much closer to impossible when you are not a morning person – which neither me or my partner are)

Final Thoughts

I thought the concept of this game was super cute and fun. I think adding a little bit of game to daily life activities and chores is neat and it can get a little silly, and even funny to think “hmmm should I guess that this is my partner’s mission?” I think a lot of couples could have a lot of fun with it.

I did struggle a little bit to guess exactly who the game was for. It’s obviously advertised for couples, but was it more for couples who are very similar, couples who are trying to strengthen their relationship, or something else?

Unfortunately, I just didn’t think it was for me and my partner. We had a fun time being silly with our missions, but we probably wouldn’t return to it much, if at all. But again, I do think a lot of couples would have a lot of fun with it, so if it seems up your alley, check it out!

Additional Information:
Publisher – Fink & Fink Games
MSRP – $24.97
Free Print-and-Play

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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