Hey Gamers! I mentioned in a recent weekly plays list that I finished up one of the Clank! Legacy campaigns I had been working through! I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts on it in sort of a mini-review. But beware! There will be spoilers below. So if you plan on playing it and don’t want spoilers, don’t continue! That is all. Otherwise, enjoy!

General Thoughts

Overall, I had a good time with this one. This was my 5th legacy game, after Pandemic Legacy Season 1, Pandemic Legacy Season 2, Charterstone, and Betrayal Legacy. Of those, I definitely thought this was the most streamlined, and didn’t feel like it was the same game over and over again like a few others did. I thought the story was engaging and my choices felt like the mattered. It often also felt like getting knocked out early mattered a lot more than usual; clocking out or getting knocked out early meant that you didn’t necessarily get to see as many things in the story, which can drastically changes things.

A few things that were a bit off to me were the adventure deck events and the extra games. The events were random, like any other cards, but just felt unnecessary. Many also let one player decide to punish everyone if they so chose (i.e. when a card said “if all players agree, do this…” whatever it was). That was a little thing, but I wasn’t a fan. I honestly felt a little disappointed by the introduction of both Game X and the replaying of Game 10. It was neat, in a way (and I did like the twists introduced in the very beginning of Game X) but at the same time, it was exciting to be headed toward an epic conclusion of the legacy game, only to have extra games added on. Plus, it felt extra punishing to have to redo Game 10 when, for us, the reason we didn’t succeed was because of a horrible shuffle on the adventure row with a ton of monsters grouped together, causing dragon attacks, all with extra cubes.

In general, this was a great game, and if you like Clank! you will probably enjoy this, plus you’ll have a unique playable game at the end! For me, I think I’m just cooling a bit on my obsession with legacy games. I think that they’re really cool, but ultimately they’re a pain to coordinate (especially nowadays) and it makes it hard to stay invested in the story and your choices, at least for me.


  • Streamlined gameplay
  • Engaging, branching story
  • Variable player roles and upgrades for start-deck cards
  • Customization of the board (cities/paths/etc)
  • A lot of choices throughout, of all kinds, and all seemed to matter
  • Fun story elements like mad-lib type story telling


  • Additional games bogged down the feeling of completion
  • Personally not a fan of random event cards
  • It can be difficult to do contracts through no fault of your own
  • Some of the sticker locations were weird and caused stickers to peel up
  • The Necrosis cards seem too punishing. You already didn’t make it out for scoring in a game, and you just get further punished going into the next game