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Beth and Angel Make Games, and honestly, that’s a bit of an understatement! Their website has a huge variety of games, activities, and zines for people to choose from, and with so many options, there’s truly something for everyone! This month, Beth and Angel are part of a tabletop crowdfunding campaign – they are making 16 zines for “zineuary,” and have some extra rewards to unlock as well. In honor of the campaign, I took a look at 3 of their already released creations to see some of what they offer. Let’s check them out!

This is Fine is a prompt activity where you roll a d6 when you need a minute and the game gives you an activity to give yourself time to reset/recharge (i.e. make a playlist or write a poem).

Cleaning House is a game where each player gets a card and has their own cleaning goal (i.e. brighten up a room with new decor, or get rid of something you don’t need/want). Can be played alone or with others, and you can take a new card once you finish yours, as long as you don’t take the same one twice in one day. You can track your progress to see all you’ve accomplished!

Waffle Time is a solo game where a d6 is rolled each turn which will determine what topping you have to add to your waffle. The first topping can go anywhere, but then you have to play adjacent from then on. Once the waffle is full, you’ll score based on the size of topping groups, and you’re just trying to beat your best score!

They have lots of other games/activities available to play, as well as zines to read – plenty to choose from!

  • Light gamers
    • Players who like getting right into a game with few rules
  • Players who like something quick that they could play on a lunch break (Waffle Time)
  • Those who like adding fun to chores (Cleaning House)

  • Can play most with just digital files, or print and play
    • Print files usually have a low color option, which I appreciate
  • Low cost
  • Small/simple rulesets
  • Fun themes
  • Huge variety (their website has game, zines, activities, tons of themes, mechanisms, and more)

  • The website might have an overwhelming amount of choice for some
    • There’s not necessarily an easy way to see what is what besides clicking on the ones that stand out to you to learn more
  • Some of the games/activities can feel a bit too short

Overall, I think the selection of creations from Beth and Angel are cute, fun, and super accessible. You can try one at a time, grab a bunch, or just dive in and get them all! There’s so much content, and even if not everything is for you, you’re bound to find something you enjoy.

The current project is also very cool because they will have more zines coming out, and some of the topics will even be able to be voted on by contributors and Paterons. Go check it out!

Additional Information:

Designers – Beth and Angel
Check out the Current Campaign!

*I was provided these digital files to do a review*