Okay, so you might not actually need to be that quick to win this one, but hey, puns are cool.

I know this isn’t some new or super exciting game, but I’ve gotten to play it a lot more recently, and I have to say, it may be my favorite short and simple game. I wanted to do a quick review of Qwixx for you, in case you haven’t gotten to play it, and want to check it out! (Which you, obviously, definitely should.)

What Is It?

A simple roll and write game. You roll dice…and you write something. No brainer here.

Who Is It For?

Dare I say … everyone? I dare! This game is light, easy to learn and play, and definitely easily enjoyable by anyone. (Okay, I guess I’d recommend ages 7 and up, if we want to get technical about it).

Quality of Components

Can’t complain here! Nice solid dice in vibrant colors, so those are great! Regular Qwixx has a pad of paper for the playing sheets, which is fine. They’re not super small, plenty easy to use, but a bit wasteful if nothing else.

Qwixx Deluxe is a little bit better in my opinion. Same dice, but the boards are larger and they are dry erase which is very nice.  Not the highest quality dry erase boards by any means, but still great!


Pretty much everything I covered already. Solid components, fun, simple, great for most ages, different ways to end, and options each turn (to take an X or not – that is the question!)


Penalties suck, so that’s an obvious con. Especially since it’s a game of dice roll luck, so you can’t really help it if you get a bad roll. It can be the cause of some frustration, but luckily it’s not too often that a penalty is forced on you.


It’s like  1/5 for difficulty. Like I said, really anyone can handle this one, thanks to some really simple rules.

Final Thoughts

Love this game. I’ve played a lot of games, and honestly, after playing this more, I know that it’s something I’ll always be willing to pull off the shelf and play. It’s such a solid roll and write, so if you’re into that type of game, it’s definitely a must have,

Happy Gaming, friends!~

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