If you’re looking for a manufacturer for your next game design, why not check out LongPack Games? With their fancy Designer Pack for 2021, you get a chance to see a variety of the components they can make to help your board game come to life! Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside.

What Is It & Who Is It For?

This is a box of high quality components manufactured by LongPack Games. It contains a variety of different types of components from cards to miniatures and more to show off the options and quality the company has to offer. It is intended for board game designers who may be looking to hire LongPack Games to manufacture their next project.

Components + Quality

Outer Box – It’s a fancy “drawer” type box. Really nice art on the cover with UV spotting as well.

Inner Boxes – Yes, the box comes with more boxes! There are 5 small interior boxes, 4 small square ones and 1 longer rectangular one. Some are tuck boxes, some open more like a drawer/sleeve. While in the box they make 1 cohesive picture which is cute and would be neat to see in a game. All the boxes are nice quality and fit in the box well.

Molded Plastic Trays/Inserts – Very nice quality on these. The lids click on to the bottoms and stay on very well. The lids also have words/images engraved which is very neat and would be a great way to label different resources in a game. They are different shapes and sizes and seem like they’d be pretty customizable.

Key-chain – The included key-chain has a very nice art design and looks like it’s a metal piece with an acrylic coating. Very nice / sturdy quality. The metal chain and key-ring are also nice quality.

Metal Coin – This one happens to be a pretty big coin, maybe more of a “first player token” type of component than a coin resource in a game, but it is a dang fine coin! It’s got a nice weight to it, it’s engraved well in many places and there are images filled in with colors, all very clean and detailed. The raised letters also have excellent detail.

Wooden Cube Person – This adorable little robot-looking friend is included and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really sure if it was to show off cube quality, or the fact that they can make cute little toy-like things. Either way, I love it. The cubes are pretty average quality wooden cubes, but the figure does show that the company is capable of doing engraving, carving, and coloring to their pieces, should designers need that. It is held together by some nice quality rope that has a bit of stretch to it.

Plastic Pieces – These showed off a few different shapes, sizes, and colors of some flat pieces LongPack can produce, likely which would make good components for resources in board games. Nice quality plastic, very sturdy, and nice printing. Everything shown is very distinct which is promising as it shows a large range of variety they can create with you. There were also some neat swords which click into bases, so that shows off some fancy standees that can be made as well. Again, high quality, stay attached well, very sturdy, but come out of the bases with ease to store them.

Playing Cards – Small, square cards. Feel like pretty average thickness and texture. The printing is high quality. I love the design itself, but the colors are also rich, and everything printed on them is very clean. These are awesome.

Miniatures – These minis are insanely detailed. There are so many textures / crevices / patterns on these little people (I think they’re warriors of some kind) and they look incredible. High quality plastic as well, very sturdy. One of them has a sword that’s a little bit bendy, but it’s not going to break on you by any means. Really great minis you’d love to see in any game that needs them.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought this was a super cool pack that showed off a lot of different components! It is definitely a valuable product for board game designers who are looking for someone to manufacture their game, and really has a little bit of everything so that they can get a good feel for what LongPack has to offer. Great quality, great design!

Additional Information:
LongPack Games Website
Concept – Tony Shen and Daniel Zayas
Artist – Tatiana Quigley

*I was provided a copy of this Designer’s Pack to do this review*

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