The Hyde is coming in for the attack, but where will the attack unfold, who will be its next unfortunate victim, and how can we capture it to protect the other Nevermore students? It won’t be east, but we have to figure it out quickly if we want to stand a chance against the ruthless Hyde. We’d better get to work before it’s too late…

Roll & Move – Players roll 2 dice each turn to get around the board

Variable Player Powers – Each player has a once-per-game ability they can use to help their strategy

Deduction – Players will be making guesses of who will be attacked and where, and what item can be used to capture the Hyde. They are trying to figure out which cards are in the solution envelope by narrowing down which cards other players have

Player Elimination – Throughout the game, players may draw Intrigue Cards for various reasons, which may have abilities on them. However, some of these are Hyde cards. If you reveal the 8th Hyde card, the game is over for you and you are out.

  • 2 to 6 Players – Fine at any count, mostly just varies how many cards you start with. 2 player variant is my least favorite just because you don’t use Intrigue Cards
  • Ages 10 & Up / Family Gamers – Simple gameplay. All that matters is if you consider the show age appropriate or not
  • Fans of Clue / deduction, and of course Wednesday.

2 Players/Teams – No Intrigue Cards; 5 clue cards face down to the side of the board. You can look at one of these cards each time the other player/team can’t show you a card – I like it as an option to make it playable at 2. It’s definitely not a game that I see as needing teams. It’s fine, but I definitely like it better with more players.

  • Aesthetics – I like the overall look; Layout of the board is nice and really evokes the vibe of the show; Also nice cover art
  • Board is pretty tight; rooms not too far apart overall
  • Components – Nice weapon pieces
  • Variable Player Powers – Fun/Unique
  • Quick turns
  • Intrigue Cards add some variability and fun extra abilities
    • I like that you can get rewarded with them for being moved into rooms, feels like a nice little compensation
  • Rules are straightforward and clear
  • Luck – Low rolls are obviously more frustrating; Hyde cards are also disappointing – I wish you could draw a second card so you didn’t just get nothing
  • Insert doesn’t really work nicely for the components
  • Standees were really tight, but luckily you don’t have to take them apart to fit in the box

I think the variable player powers work well and allow you to try and make a big move at just the right point for yourself. The Intrigue Cards can also be really cool, because an extra turn, or the chance to avoid answering a question can be super handy.

I do like the Hyde cards as a bit of a “timer” for the game, but it sure is disappointing when you draw an Intrigue Card and then don’t get anything out of it.

But overall, if you know Clue and like it, and you’re into Wednesday, it’s a good time for sure – check it out!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 6/10
Publisher – The Op Games
MSRP – $44.99

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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