Howdy fellow gamers!

I know I’ve been off the blog for a bit now, and I feel downright awful about it because it means I actually haven’t been playing games as much lately. But for good (I think) reason – they’ve been packed away in preparation for a move to a house! Yes, my games now have a much bigger home than the dinky apartment they once lived in. But, because of that impending (and now pretty much completed) move, I have not been playing as many games as I would have liked, and I haven’t been able to touch the blog at all.

I’m hoping to change this soon, especially because we recently got a ton of new games that I am stoked to try out. So, I’m hoping, once I’ve adjusted to my new home a little more, I’ll be able to play a variety of games a lot more frequently, and thus produce some great content for the people I imagine are reading this (I mean…there’s probably a few of you right…RIGHT?).  *Ahem.*

Anyway, another semi-exciting update is that I am awaiting my first review copy of a game! I’m very excited to get to play through a game before it goes to KS and write a review of it (so be on the lookout for that). And if anyone else has games they want me to try out, let me know!

Well, that’s about all the updates I have. Some exciting stuff going on! But I also just wanted to say that I had a really amazing International Table Top Day (for those who were wondering what the heck ITTD above meant) at The Portal in Manchester, CT! We were there from 5:30am until midnight enjoying games, auctions, and good times. I captured a few fun moments on camera, of course, and have included those pics (as well as my new shelfies!) below! – Hover for captions.

Happy gaming , peeps~