As we all know, there’s a lot of games out there, and a lot of titles are known to even non-hobby gamers because they’re just that popular. While I like plenty of games that are widely adored, I still have a fair few I can’t get into for one reason or the next – many which other gamers tried to use to get me into the hobby. (I know, weird, right?)

So here’s a list of the games that I just can’t get into no matter how much I’ve tried, even though plenty of people I know love them. Unsurprisingly, no pictures available since I don’t own the games myself, but I linked the titles to BGG so you guys can check them out if you want!

*Disclaimer: Of course, I’m not trying to bash these games, just saying “Hey, they’re not for me, and here’s why. But it’s cool that you like them, please enjoy!” 🙂

1. 7 Wonders

A pure drafting game, every turn of 7 Wonders leaves me wanting more.
I constantly feel like I’m still waiting for something else to happen because so little is done each go around; it never feels like I’m actually having a turn.

I think 7 Wonders Duel improved the theme/idea a lot, and I love 2-player games anyway, so I would much rather play that.

2. Munchkin

One of the first more hobby games I played, I feel like I just didn’t get something about Munchkin. It has awesome art, and the theme is cool, but what I call the “Munchkin Conundrum” will always prevent me from liking it – The times I’ve played, we fall into that pattern of everyone attacking the person farthest ahead, preventing them from getting to the final level, and thus prolonging the game. I know there are ways around that – time/turn limits – but I haven’t met a lot of (any) groups willing to play like that, so I’ve all but given up. Just feels a little broken to me, but hey – maybe I just need to find the right group!

3. Dominion

I love deck builders, so I really wanted to add another collection with Dominion, but unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me.

It came down to three main things for me – the theme is a little dry for me personally, I prefer a rotating store to one that always has the same cards available, and the game is a little solved depending on who you play with.

I know the last point is highly debatable, but the few times I happened to play, I played with someone who was a huge lover of Dominion and so had a lot of very effective strategies depending on what cards were out. He basically knew exactly what he needed to do, and crushed the other players.

Ultimately, there’s just a bunch of other great deck builders I would rather play, so this one isn’t for me.

4. Pandemic

Pandemic was a game I liked a little more when I first started gaming, until I realized what I really liked out of a game. So this one also had a few things that were just definite ‘nopes’ for me.

I’m not big on co-op games (usually unless they’re very unique or are story-games, like T.I.M.E. Stories), mostly because I like to win (hey, I’m not gonna lie, I love a good win! haha).  And this one tends to allow for an alpha-player far too frequently, at least in my usual group. I don’t want to be told how to take my turn, even if it is the most effective means to winning. So that took a toll on this one for me.

Related to that, this one also feels a little solved. I know there’s a lot of randomness, of course, but with a 4-player team, and enough knowledge of the game, it’s not too challenging to take the win, at least in my opinion. That lack of challenge also takes a lot out of the game for me.
I think that Pandemic Legacy Season 1 really made a huge improvement on the game and I adored that. I’d definitely play through that whole thing again. But base Pandemic, I’ll be leaving off the table.

5. Galaxy Trucker

This one is the most controversial in my household, because it is my fiance’s favorite game.

Unfortunately, it gives me a lot of anxiety (BUILD THE SHIP, HURRY GO!!!) and on top of that, I’m never good at placing pieces that will have to be used later; it’s very hard for me to conceptualize how to point my guns and such and how to make everything fit the way it needs to, et cetera. Add a time limit (because my fiance finishes so, so quickly) and I’m completely out of luck.

On a lesser note, but still worth mentioning, it’s very upsetting to me to then watch my ship explode into a million pieces.

This one just isn’t for me based on mechanic. But I’m glad he enjoys it!
That’s it for me, gamers! What games just aren’t for you? How come?
Get it all out in the open! haha. Then go play some of your favorites instead!

Happy Gaming!~