Hey Gamers! So, I posted a poll on Twitter a while back asking what my next Top 10 should be, and I finally followed through! I decided to narrow it down by only games I own to help a little because this was a tough list to pull together – there are so many good ones! Without further ado, here are my Top 10 Worker Placement Games of all time! ….. So far.

10. Caverna

Theme: Caves and fields … is that a theme? Also interior decorating, kinda.
Other Mechanics: Tile Placement; Resource Management
Why I Like It: There’s a lot going on and a lot of paths to try with so many rooms to choose from. It’s also so different every time depending on which direction you choose to take. It’s never a dull moment! I always feel like I have plenty to do and even want to do more, so it’s very enjoyable. I also find it funny to buy the room that lets me feed one of my dwarves a rock or stick, my favorite haha!
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9. Mangrovia

Theme: Hut … building …? Honestly, I guess I’m not sure and haven’t thought about it (as you can tell, I’m great at detecting themes in games…)
Other Mechanics: Area Control; Hand Management
Why I Like It: I like that you choose your actions with workers but also that they always play out in a certain order so you can try to plan ahead a little since you know from the start of the actual action-taking (not choosing) who will be doing what. I also like that there’s a lot of different areas to focus on for the area control so there are many ways to try and earn points
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8. Pie Town

Theme: Baking pies of course!
Other Mechanics: Hidden Information/Deduction; Dice Usage; Resource Management
Why I Like It: First of all, there’s PIE! But I appreciate the balance between building up some workers in order to do certain actions while also trying to keep your lower leveled workers close to home so they can’t get spied on. I like the added element of trying to deduce the other players’ secret recipes for some end game bonus points – it can really make or break a close game! On the other hand, I also love that you can do well whether you deduce or not, and you can do well whether you get all your workers or not – no strategy seems perfectly better than another, which is great because it leaves every game different!
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7. Anachrony

Theme: Sci-Fi, and Time Travel (to a certain extent)
Other Mechanics: Set Collection; Variable Player Powers; Variable Action Selection
Why I Like It: Even though it’s big and intimidating and hard for me to commit to playing it, it’s always a great time. There are so, so many choices and each one has such a chain of effects, it is amazing to watch it unfold honestly. The game is insanely different every time, but really flows with so much ease it is very impressive. It’s also quite the table hog which makes for some great photos!
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6. Everdell

Theme: Woodland Creatures and Fantasy
Other Mechanics: Tableau Building; Set Collection; Hand/Resource Management
Why I Like It: I think it takes worker placement in a different direction that I usually don’t see with the tableau building aspect; it definitely adds an extra element which really makes the game pop. Above all, a huge reason I love this game is that it is so pretty all the way around and the production quality of the components is on point – such a beauty!
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5. Asking for Trobils

Theme: Sci-Fi/Space
Other Mechanics: Pick-up-and-deliver; Resource Management
Why I Like It: The art in this is super fun, for one thing. I particularly like in this one the “bumping” mechanic, especially in high player count games, because you don’t have to pull your ships back as often. This was the first game that introduced that method of choosing worker locations to me and I think that’s super neat and also adds a small layer of strategy to the game. I also really like the connections for your ship which help you get more resources at any spots you want!
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4. Lords of Waterdeep

Theme: Fantasy and Questing!
Other Mechanics: Set Collection; Resource Management; Take-That (minimal)
Why I Like It: While it looks like there’s a lot going on, it’s actually pretty simple. I like the unique element of the spot that basically allows you to reuse your worker later again. I also like that there’s a little but of a “board building” element since new buildings come out throughout the game, allowing new spots for workers.
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3. Kitchen Rush

Kitchen Rush

Theme: Working as a chef in a fast-paced, professional kitchen
Other Mechanics: Cooperative Play; Real Time; Simultaneous Player Actions
Why I Like It: This game is unique, and intense, and all around awesome! I’m very picky about my co-op games, but this one hits the mark. I love the use of the timers as workers, limiting when you can move them, and making it so you want to meticulously plan your moves. The intensity and pace really matches what the theme is going for and gives players such an immersive experience.
Learn More: Kitchen Rush BGG & My Review

2. Alien Frontiers

Theme: Spaceships and Aliens and Sci-Fi, oh my!
Other Mechanics: Area Control; Dice Rolling
Why I Like It: This was one of my first worker placement games which really got me into the genre. While I now view it as on the lighter side, I still love it every time. While there’s obviously a lot of luck involved, I like that you have to roll dice to determine your actions because it allows there to be ongoing strategy adjustments for all players – you can’t necessarily go into the game with a “best plan.” I also really like the look of this one too!
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1. Argent: The Consortium

Theme: MAGIC!!! Wizards at school, yo!
Other Mechanics: Take-That; Modular Board; Variable Player Powers
Why I Like It: We finally made it to #1!!! I have literally never won this game, no matter how well I think I’m doing, or how close I come. I probably won’t ever win it actually. But I thought that made it even more deserving of the #1 spot because winning usually makes me like a game more, but I still love the gameplay of this above all others. The table presence is another awesome one and I love that the board is a little different every time. The different mage powers are awesome and I love that even those have variability. There are so many moving parts and everything fits together in such a harmonious way. Top tier game right here!!
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What are some of your favorite worker placement games? What additional elements do you like seeing in these types of games? What worker placement should I try out next? Tell me all the things!!!
Happy Gaming~