Hey party people! So this weekend I attended my very first Tas-Con, and so I wanted to do a super quick recap on it! It was only 1 day (9am – 11pm on a Saturday) and a small number of people, but it was a great time! A lot of fun and something that got me out of the house playing games with some new people, which, if you know me, is quite the feat because I never leave the house and strangers frighten me, to be honest.

The con featured a silent auction (that got too big for the tables set aside for it, which was cool), a wide selection of snacks and drinks, and some very friendly people (as well as a fantastic host!)! We got 10 games played throughout the day (8 new to us), sold a bunch of our not-our-faves games for a little money, and picked up a bunch of new games that we were very excited about, at some great prices!

While we’re used to weekend long conventions (of vastly different sizes) this was a nice addition to this year’s lineup and I’m so glad we got to check it out. A list of the games we played, some quick opinions, and a few pics await you below!

Happy Gaming, everyone. And maybe we’ll see you there next year!~

1. Strike – It was … okay. You mostly just roll dice and hope for the best, but it can be silly and has a little push your luck element.

2. Rokoko – Yeah, I played the German version, cause I’m kewl. You collect resources and make dresses and decorations in order to attempt to earn points. It’s a nifty game with a lot of moving parts and pretty enjoyable (even during a crushing defeat, like mine).

3. Newton – I had seen this a few times and was kind of interested in it, but it fell a little flat for me. I felt like even with all the things going on I didn’t have a lot of choice. It seemed like once you picked a path you had to stick with that and not spread out at all if you wanted to win. It was okay, not a bad game by any means, but I don’t think it was really for me, and it’s not likely I’d play again.

4. A Thief’s Fortune – I enjoyed this one a lot! I thought that everything flowed very nicely and I had meaningful choices with what cards I chose and when I chose to move them from my future to my present. Not something I’m rushing to add to the collection, but a bunch of fun nonetheless.

5. Akrotiri – This one was a bit too dry for me. It was pick-up-and-deliver and had some fiddliness to it as well; once someone got ahead it was crazy hard to catch up if you were behind, which is always frustrating. It’s a no from me on this.

6. Cat Box – I thought this was super cute! It is very light and quick and basically you’re just trying to get as many of your cat’s faces out on the board and not covered up by other cats or boxes. Very smooth and a lot of fun. 

7. Fleet: The Dice Game – Played this awesome roll and write at our friend’s weekly game night a few weeks ago and I loved it. We ended up picking up the Kickstarter version in the silent auction and playing it! LOVE!

8. Qwixx – An old fave with some new friends!

9. Troll – Super cute and fun small box game. Really enjoyable, but you really need the right sized group to make it work. The person who introduced us to it recommended 5, which we played with, and I think that really helped it shine. Would love to play again sometime.

10. Miaui – A great short, cute, light game to end the night. Quick bids and a little risk involved, hopefully for some reward. Plus, more cats!

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