Howdy Gamers!
Now, I know what you’re thinking from the title, “This seems like a weird list…” And, to be fair, you’re not wrong. I guess it is a little bit weird to exclusively look at a bunch of games you don’t own. Your follow-up thoughts maybe include something along the lines of “If you like these so much, why don’t you just buy them…?” Again, a valid assessment.

For one reason or the next (price, availability, not playing it til after a Kickstarter, someone else I know owns it ….. et cetera) these just haven’t made it into my collection yet. Maybe they will in the future, maybe not, but I still wanted to give some love to some games I don’t own, just for fun. So check them out! There’s actually all rated about the same for me on BGG, so they’re just organized alphabetically. Which ones of these do you like? Which ones do you own? What games that you love haven’t made it into your collection yet either? These are the questions that need answers!

Anyway, Happy Gaming~

10. ArchRavels

Arch Ravels

Theme: Knitting

Mechanics: Drafting; Pattern Building; Set Collection; Variable Player Powers

What I Like About It: It’s such a gorgeous game, and it has really smooth gameplay. I thought that everything in it really fit the theme perfectly, so I definitely appreciated that.

9. Arraial


Theme: Parties! … Sort of (It’s pretty abstract)

Mechanics: Action Points; Pattern Building; Grid Coverage

What I Like About It: I really like Tetris, so this was neat because you wanted to pick the perfect pieces to make those same perfect lines. I thought that adding the meeples to your groups and competing with opponents for biggest colored groups was also really near. Plus it had really fun art!

8. Avenue

Theme: Farming

Mechanics: Flip-and-Write; Route Building

What I Like About It: It’s super cute and easy to play, and actually quite puzzley since you need to make sure you are always making more points each round than the previous round. A great intro to the flip-and-write genre.

7. Bärenpark


Theme: Bulilding Bear Parks

Mechanics: Drafting;Grid Coverage; Set Collection; Tile Placement

What I Like About It: Everything about it is just so darn cure, and trying to fit everything you need into the park, while following restrictions is tricky, but a nice level of challenge.

6. Ex Libris

Ex Libris

Theme: Libraries and Books

Mechanics: Drafting; Hand Management; Tableau Building; Set Collection; Tile Placement; Variable Player Powers; Worker Placement

What I Like About It: Well, I was an English major once upon a time, so the theme really makes me go 😍 for one thing. It takes a lot of mechanics that I like and puts them all together in a really streamlined game!

5. Imhotep

Theme: Egyptian

Mechanics: Area Control; Modular Board; Set Collection

What I Like About It: Imhotep has a great level of in-game tension which keeps players on edge, attentive, and excited for their next turn. I also like the modular boards so the game’s a little different every time.

4. Off The Rails

Theme: Fantasy; Mining (sort of)

Mechanics: Racing; Action Points; Grid Movement; Pick-up and Deliver; Push Your Luck; Set Collection; Tile Placement

What I Like About It: Honestly, this has a bunch of mechanics that I’m not usually big on, but I just feel like the theme and the design just work so well with the mechanics that it just makes me like it! Plus, it has some really cute pieces!

3. The Quacks of Quedlinburg

Theme: Quack doctors making potions!

Mechanics: Push Your Luck; Bag Building; Catch the Leader

What I Like About It: This really made me like push your luck more, because I just felt like I had more control…even though I didn’t, and at least if I “busted” I didn’t lose my turn completely, I still got a reward, just less than others. I like the catch-up mechanic as well because I feel like it helps to balance the game more throughout all the rounds. It is also just so aesthetically appealing!

2. Roland Wright: The Dice Game

Theme: Game Designing

Mechanics: Roll-and-Write; Pattern Building; Set Collection; Simultaneous Action Selection

What I Like About It: We all know I’m obsessed with roll and writes, so it seems only fitting that I was super into this very meta game. I thought it was really unique because you can erase and move your little colored markers by using the different special abilities. Overall, really cool.

1. Tales of Glory

Theme: Fantasy

Mechanics: Drafting; Hand Management; Simultaneous Action Selection; Tile Placement

What I Like About It: I thought that it really implemented the theme well and it felt like such an adventure! It’s super cute and plays so smoothly.