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And by that, of course, I mean hitting the monsters … please don’t throw these dice at anyone…

Hey there, Dice Throwers! Looking for your next perfect set of dice for RPGs and gaming of all kind? Then allow me to introduce you to my new faves! The Alchemist Metals RPG Dice Sets from Foam Brain Games are super high quality and absolutely gorgeous. Once I had them in my hands, I couldn’t stop playing with them. Let’s check ’em out!


  • They are absolutely gorgeous! I have the Burnt Opal set (which I’ll link to below) And you’ll be mesmerized by the colored metal.
  • The numbers are written in a very fancy font, and they’re still pretty easy to read! (Sans one or two numbers)
  • High quality embossing for the numbers
  • A really nice weight to them. It feels great to shake them around before a big attack and then toss them on the table.
  • They’re also not unwieldy; they don’t roll more than you want, so you won’t have to go chasing after them.
  • I got the D20 to spin like a top and that was super cool


  • While the font isn’t bad, the dark color of this set was a little more difficult to read in certain lights, so just keep that in mind.
  • The D8 was way smaller than the other dice, and smaller than I usually see in these polyhedral sets, so that made it a little harder to see what was rolled.
  • The D4 and D12 had some really pointed corners, so if you do happen to drop them on the floor, don’t walk around barefoot!

But wait, there’s more!

I also just wanted to quickly mention the stickers that Foam Brain has as well! They sent me a few of these as well, and I really dig them. Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with stickers (seriously, I’ve got bags of them) and I really like these! The art is cute, and they’re printed nicely, and they’re high quality material! Plus, they’re inexpensive!

Final Thoughts

Overall, these dice are awesome! They’re really hard to photograph with what I have (which isn’t much), and that’s unfortunate, but in person, they’re beautiful. Probably the prettiest set I have! (Don’t tell my other dice).

Like I said, they’re pretty weighty, so I definitely recommend using them on a playmat or in a dice tray to protect your table. Also, don’t switch to plastic dice within the same game because I tried that, and it just feels weird… haha. If you love dice as much as I do, you’ll love revving up and rolling these again and again. They’re amazing!

Happy Gaming~

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*I was provided these dice and stickers to do this review*

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