Hello again, gamers! Welcome back to another Tabletop Writers Diversity Initiative! The Week 2 Challenge is Tabletop Listicles And You, and while there are a lot of lists I want to write (and maybe I’ll eventually get to them all) for this challenge I decided to focus on my top 10 action / dexterity games – We’re talking balance and dice chucking and flicking and more! I’m gonna try and keep it short and sweet so get ready and let’s get started!

10. BONK

In this fast-paced ricochet game, players roll metal balls down their ramps to try and hit a wooden ball into the opposing team’s goal. If you shoot your balls to quickly, you’ll be out of luck because the only way to get more is to wait for them to land back on your side. The game only lasts a few minutes, but it’s wild and crazy and can really get you going.

9. Shaky Manor

Flip over a card to see what your challenge is and quickly shake and rattle your manor to get the pieces where they need to go without touching them! While it seems simple at first glance, there is a lot of challenge to getting the pieces to turn the right way and fit through the halls to get them in the correct rooms. A run racing game for all, especially around Halloween time!

8. Wonky

In this stacking game, players are trying to be the first to get rid of all the cards in their hand. They play a card and stack the corresponding curved block as best they can. If the tower falls, they get more cards, pushing them further from victory. You not only want to make sure to play your cards at the right time (especially those with special abilities) but have a steady hand when you’re piling up those blocks.

7. Arch Rival

This game has players set up an often wobbly arch made of different colored tubs. Each turn players roll dice that tell them how many of the funky shapes they need to place, and in what colored tub. When the arch collapses, the active player loses. A steady hand is key here once again, as well as taking advantage when a player rolls the die result that lets their opponents choose which tub they place in. Plus, these pieces are super fun shapes and colors, which makes for an aesthetically pleasing game.

6. Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants

In this dice chucking game, players are trying to roll their ant dice onto picnic treats to collect them into their anthills. While you can’t predict which side the dice will land on, you can aim for the plates you want most, and try to knock your opponents’ dice out of your way! Be careful not to toss the dice too hard – you don’t want ants crawling all over the floor!


These wobbling penguins are too cool for school! Players must flick their penguins through doorways to collect fish before their lunch period, and avoid the hall monitor trying to stop all their fun. This one takes some practice as players need to learn the best angles to flick their penguins at to get them over walls and through doors. When they take on the hall monitor role, they need to aim for those other silly penguins and get them back to class!

4. Flip Ships

In this cooperative flipping game, players rest their cardboard ships on the edge of the table or launch pad and flip them onto enemy ships to avoid the oncoming attacks. Their main goal, however, is the mother ship, which they will have to take down before the game ends in order to win. Players need to combine the right amount of force and aim in order to use their ships to the best of their abilities each round. Games can get super intense, and even a sloe start can lead to an epic win at the last moment, which makes for some very exciting games!

3. Rampage

(AKA Terror in Meeple City)
This dexterity game lets players flick, drop, and blow as they act as monsters and try to destroy Meeple City. They want to collect meeples in their bellies, and munch on some delicious floors of the buildings. You can also knock down your opposing monsters, and collect their teeth as a prize! The theming is on point in this game, and the right amount of skill can really lead a monster to success!

2. Meeple Circus

This stacking game puts players right into a circus act! You’ll need to stack your animals and acrobats according to their unique restrictions in order to score the most points. With various odd shaped props, in addition to unique characters, you need to be steady and precise in order to succeed, while keeping in mind scoring objectives. However, you also need to be quick since a circus can only last so long.

1. Tumblin’ Dice

I’ve always had an incredible time with this one, which is why it had to be #1! In this dice chucking game, players are aiming to keep their dice on the scoring levels, the highest ones preferred of course. Like Problem Picnic above, you can never predict what face the dice will fall on, but you can aim to the best of your ability, and you can always try to knock your opponents off the board as well so that if you don’t score, maybe they won’t either.

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