Welcome to the new economy! Now that everyone and their monkey’s uncle has heard of cryptocurrency, a mad rush is on to mine the best of it, buy it cheap, and sell it for a profit. As the CEO of a startup, you know better than anyone that it’s time to cash in on this phenomenon. You too are leading a small team of experts to mine, buy, sell, and make you millions! Can your team avoid the scams and come out successful? Put your skills to the test an make the strategic decisions necessary to be a cryptocurrency expert!

What Is It?

An economic themed game with a bit of push your luck (because you never know if the coins you collect are going to be a scam in the end) and action point spending to try and mine, buy, and sell coins for the best profit. Though players start off with the same team of interns, acquiring experts for the team opens the gate to variable player powers making the game, and the competition, that much more interesting.

Who Is It For?

The game recommends ages 14+ and ‘d say that’s pretty accurate. At that age I may not have been very interested in the theme, but the game play would have made sense to me, so bonus points if you know a 14-year-old who would also dig mining coins. The gameplay is straightforward but the greater economics of it and trying to balance when to buy and sell can be a little deeper and more advanced so younger audiences might find it overwhelming. If you were ever interested in bitcoins or the like, I’d recommend this to you; I think you’d get quite a kick out of it!


The cards and boards are a bit thin, and they did have some warping when I first opened the box (they since settled which was nice), but other than that, they’re fine quality. The art across the game is really nice, and quite cute as well. Finally, the rulebook is nicely organized and good examples are provided throughout which makes it pretty easy to learn and teach.


  • Plays fairly quickly and smoothly
  • Advanced VS Basic adds a lot to the gameplay, and variety in general which is always a plus
  • Everything is very streamlined, phases flow nicely
  • Face down rumor cards add just the right amount of luck/guessing/randomness to keep things interesting
  • Theme works well with gameplay


  • The mini expansion events adds more (I’d argue too much) “swingyness” to the game that feels unnecessary
  • The thin cards and boards will likely wear out faster because they are a lower quality. I’d recommend sleeves for the cards to help prevent that


I’d probably rate this pretty low on the scale, only 2 out of 5 difficulty. Like I’ve mentioned, before, the phases are super streamlined and thus are easy to play, especially the more you do so. A smooth flow makes for an fairly easy and very enjoyable game.

Final Thoughts

Overall I give this one a thumbs up! 👍 The actions and gameplay fit hand in hand with the theme to create an overall solid game that I think will appeal to gamers of all kinds, but especially those with any actual cryptocurrency knowledge. The artwork is also very cool and just adds another level of awesome to an already great game. Highly recommend!

Additional Information:
Publisher – Capital Gains Studio
Designer – Steve Ng Wen Xi
Artist – Wong Chun Xi

I was provided a copy of this game and compensated for my time to do this review.

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