Well gamers, another convention is in the books and it was awesome! Granite Game Summit may be small, but it definitely packs a big gaming punch. And while I didn’t participate in everything they had to offer, they had a lot of great stuff going on all weekend like ….

  • Geeky Trivia
  • A 10-Minute mini escape room
  • Early Risers Cereal Club (for those gamers who wake up early rather than stay up late … or us crazies who stayed up late and got up early)
  • Designer Alley (to play unpublished games)
  • Raffles and Play-to-Win Games
  • Game Flea Market (I got some really great deals on a bunch of games that I either wanted or that seemed super cool!)
  • Mini’s Paint and Take
  • Game Show and Podcast tapings
  • Keyforge Tournament
  • And plenty of gaming!!!

This was my second year at G2S, and I definitely hope to continue going each year, as long as they’re hosting! It’s really well organized, well run, and provides a great weekend for a really game-focused experience. I love that it’s tight-knit enough and gamers are trusting enough to leave soooo many games out for others to try! If you’re in/near the Nashua, NH area around this time next year, I highly recommend checking it out!
We got in 40 plays, 38 of which were unique games, and 39 of which were new to us. Wanna see some of the things I was lucky enough to play? Check em out below!

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