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Telling Women’s Stories Through Fun!

Isabel Allende once said, “Write what should not be forgotten.”
That’s why all you acclaimed authors have chosen to write booka recounting the stories of some exceptional women from throughout history. You’ll need to do your research, draft your chapters, and compile these stories to create the most engaging book amongst your peers. Now, pick up that pen, and get writing!

Learn More About HerStory

Hey Gamers! Earlier this week I had a chance to sit down with Danielle Reynolds, designer and developer of HerStory from Underdog games, and pick her brain a little bit about the game/her process and so forth.

The game is a drafting, engine-building, set collection game where players are trying to put together a book telling the stories of remarkable women from history. This theme really grabs me, and the gameplay sounds right up my alley too, so I’m really excited to check out the game soon. For now, let’s see what Danielle had to say about it!

An Exciting Exploration of Historic Events!

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and experience some of history’s most memorable event? Well now you can!* In Trekking Through History you’ll spend three days traveling through time, hitting all the key points in your itinerary such as meeting famous people of the past, learning about historical innovations, and much more! What a wild ride it will be! Let’s get started!

*Please note: Game does not actually include time machine, nor does it transport you through time … sorry.*

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