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Top 5 Five-Player Games

Over time, my gaming group has grown, shrunk, added tables, changed venues, and more. With the size of our current group, it is pretty common for us to split into multiple smaller groups and play a few different games during our weekly game night.

There’s lots of games that are great at 2 to 4 players. I also enjoy a bunch of, usually lighter, games at 6+. But I have found that I am really (and I mean really) not a fan of 5-player games. They’re often too long or slow, or don’t offer enough interaction to keep me invested in the game between my turns. It’s actually a running gag in my group that I hate 5-player games, and would rather split into 3 and 2, or even sit out than play something at 5. (Luckily, we don’t have a 5-player count all that often these days.) All that said, there are some games that I think work well at exactly 5. So here are my favorite 5-player games!

Build, Negotiate, & Lead the Moonrakers!

Looks like that band of mercenaries – the Moonrakers – are looking for a new leader … think you could make the cut? Remember, all’s fair in shipbuilding and contract fulfillment, so while you might need a helping hand along the way, no one can ever fully be trusted on your way to the top. Make temporary alliances, and do whatever it takes to negotiate your way to success!

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