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Top 5 No Expansion Needed Games

Sometimes, a game will be great, but it will feel like I just need a little bit more. Other times, games feel perfect just as they are, nothing additional needed. There are a bunch of different reasons why an expansion can feel unnecessary to me. Here are 5 games (in no real order) where I feel an expansion is not needed at all for a stellar experience.

[To clarify, I’ll still play these games with expansions included sometimes, I just don’t feel that they are needed to improve the game.]

The Map-Making Possibilities are Endless!

Map makers! Your skills are needed once again. Whether you choose to traverse the realm of the frost giants finding scouted spaces throughout the frozen tundra, or you rekindle the Goldbelly and Redtooth beacons, or even explore the fine goods of the wasteland market, you are bound to find an adventure ahead. Let’s get started!

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