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The Oakdale Club Needs a Detective!

Detectives. I’m afraid there has been … a murder.
Actually, a few murders. All of them at The Oakdale Golf Club. We’ll need you to gather the clues and crack this crazy case! Be careful, and study the evidence closely – we don’t want these criminals to get away! Go on, there’s no time to waste!

Welcome to the Cloaked Cats Ball!

Ciao, cool cats! Are you ready for the big party? A kitten’s only as good as their disguise around here, so you’ll want to make sure you unmask the other players before they can do the same to you. Welcome, one and all, to the Cloaked Cats Ball!

Crack the Case & Book the Crooks!

Three treacherous thieves have been apprehended for thefts at the art exhibition in Cliffrock Villa, but our evidence is a mess, and we can’t quite pin the right crime to the right culprit. That’s where you come in, investigators. We need to figure out who stole what, when, and how they tried to escape so that we can put them away for good. Hurry – there’s no time to waste!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, It’s a Mystery for All

A dead sister. A kidnapped actress. A mystery only you can solve, Detective. Gather clues to find out where Danielle Dove is, who took her, and why all of this is happening. Focus on the important details, and do your best not to get side-tracked by red herrings that will only waste your time. Hurry, there isn’t a moment to spare!

Your Next Headline is Waiting – Chronicles of Crime: 1900

Tomorrow’s paper isn’t going to write itself, Lavel! So are you going to get the next great scoop, or is Les Nouvelles de Paris going to have to find another young journalist to lead the charge? It’s time to act on your interest in murders, kidnappings, and robberies, and use your wits to solve the crimes! What are you waiting for? The clues are waiting, let’s go!

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