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Collect Clues & Stop Those Thieves!

Oh no! One of the museum’s most prized artifacts has been stolen! We’ve locked the doors, and sounded the alarms, but we still have a number of suspects in our midst. It’s up to you famous detectives to gather the clues and find the thief, or thieves, responsible for this mess. Let’s hope they didn’t already get away … Hurry, there’s no time to lose!

All Luck In a Bag of Chips!

You know what they always say about chips, right? You can’t have just one! Bag of Chips proves that as you pop chip after chip, and flavor after flavor from the bag, and try to rack up the most delicious score! Let’s check it out.

Sketch You Best Subway Lines!

London is in need of a better underground network… that’s where you come in! Only the best project manager can be a big success, will it be you? Optimize your connections and routes, move around the city efficiently, and don’t let your lines get blocked off! Let’s get moving!

Let’s Go to the Farmer’s Market!

Another weekend is approaching and that means we’re headed to the farmer’s market! It’s not always easy pickings, just getting a few fruits and veggies and packing them up all willy-nilly. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself and organize your goodies just right to score big! Ready to go? Let’s do it!

This Loch Ain’t Big Enough for All of Us!

This lake is full of Block Ness Monsters … but it’s getting crowded pretty quickly! Try to plan ahead so you can maneuver your body around the lake and pop your head out of the water in just the right spot to block your opponents! Watch your fellow monsters closely, or you’ll wind up cornered off yourself!

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