Happy Sunday, Gamers!

As you can probably guess, I try to go to as many board game events as I can because, well, I like games, duh. But since travel and hotels are expensive, and we don’t live super close to most things, we usually do one big con (PAXU) and one small con (G2S) a year, plus a few FLGS game nights/small events. But this weekend we got to try out ReUnity Games!

It was a one-day event in Danvers, MA, revamp of Unity Games, hosted by out G2S friends who are killer at planning cons, and it was great! It wasn’t too crowded, so there was plenty of room to sit, play, browse, and move about, and as usual people were super generous with bringing games for others to enjoy, so there was a plethora of things to choose from! There was also a flea market/auction hosted on BGG which got us some neat finds for great prices, and a silent auction to donate some money to charity with some great packages to bid on! I got to try a bunch of new things, see a lot of great people, and have an awesome day of nothing but gaming. (Plus, it was only 15 minutes from a Cheesecake Factory, so I also got cheesecake <3) Big thanks to the hosts! Keep on making awesome things happen, cause you guys are great at it!

Click below to see some pics (check back tomorrow in my Weekly Plays post for ratings and more!) and get all the links you might need to learn more about this great group and their events, so you can join in too! Hope to see you at G2S in March!

Happy Gaming~

Additional Information:
ReUnity Site
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G2S Site
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