Boring card games got you down? Sick of the same old “pick a card, play a card” with nothing else going on? Then maybe it’s time to change things up with Change Up! In this preview I’ll introduce you to this memory-driven card game and take you through a few first impressions.
Let’s check it out!

What Is It?

A quick and light memory card game where players shift face-down point cards around on the table, try to make opponents discard cards or switch hands (in hopes of getting better cards for themselves), and attempt to grab and hang on to the “You Pick” card so that they get the first choice at the highest point card.

Who Is It For?

I would recommend this one to a pretty wide range of people, as I think it’s a nice filler for almost any gamer. I think lovers of light card games (your “beer and pretzel” type gamers) would enjoy this a lot, especially since it is pretty unique. The game box says ages 7+ and I would call that accurate; it’s not very difficult so families and younger audiences could definitely enjoy it. In fact, it’s probably a good tool to help younger audiences with memory concepts!


  • Light and quick
  • Easy to learn, teach, and play
  • Memory aspect is cool and unique
  • Small box, so easily portable
  • I like in 2 player games that 2 point cards are removed from the line up before choosing because it makes your actions more meaningful throughout the game, especially if you’ll be picking first.


  • I felt like not enough stuff moved around with only 2 players even with extra action cards, so I’d really have to say it’s not so much a 2-player game, but it does play well with 3-5.
  • While this is not a comment on the quality of my copy (since it is a prototype) the biggest issue with a game such as this is that if the point cards get nicked or bent or even accidentally misprinted, it can give away which one is which (i.e. “I know the 4 point card has a small nick on the bottom corner, so I’ll pick that one every time.”). I’d highly recommend using sleeves with colored/printed backs on these cards to avoid these issues so that no one knows which card is which.


I would probably give this a 2 or maybe a 2.5 out of 5 for difficulty. It’s very easy to learn and play – just play a card and do what it says! But, at the same time, it can definitely be difficult to keep track of where the points you want are, especially if players are able to move things around a lot on their turns. There’s also definitely a bit of strategy in knowing when to play certain cards (like something that gives you the “You Pick” card) at just the right time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I definitely think this is a nifty little card game. It is a fun memory game that I think a wide range of gamers can enjoy on both a party game night, or in between heavier games. Not only is it super simple and, thus, very approachable, it’s also a nice small box, so it’s easy to bring anywhere and introduce it to plenty of people! I think it does best with at least 3 players, but even with only 2 it’s worth giving a try. Check it out!

Happy Gaming~

My Final Rating: 6.5/10

Additional Information:
Publisher – Famine Entertainment
Designer – Gage Gwaltney
Artist – Kurt Bomya

*I was provided a prototype copy of this game and compensated for my time to do this preview*

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