If you have an analytical mind and you want to put it to the test with only 55 card, then Carte Rouge is calling your name. Puzzles galore await you, so you need to be ready to use that big brain if you want to solve the mystery!
*I do not want to spoil much, since this is a puzzle solving game, but there may be a spoiler or two within the review, so be cautious. You have been warned!*

What Is It?

A puzzle solving game that attempts to bring players into a story being told through only a deck of cards. Players must solve ciphers, find clues, and weave together the information they find in order to succeed.

Who Is It For?

This isn’t for the faint of brain, haha! These puzzles can be tricky, so I would recommend it not only to players who have plenty of experience with puzzle games – not just your average “escape room” games, but deeper code solving games as well. I’d probably say ages 17+ as I feel it might be too difficult, and possibly a little too dry, for most younger audiences. Finally, it’s for players who don’t mind having little to start with (i.e. no rule book) and really like just having to figure things out on their own.

Components + Quality

The game is just 55 cards (52 card deck, 2 jokers, 1 “letter” from the person sending you the deck). They’re nice quality cards, with a nice finish on them; everything you need to read/see is clear – though it is fairly small, so if you’re eyesight’s not great, you may want to grab a magnifying glass. The deck box is average cardboard, but with some really nice gold lettering and designs. Cute and compact!


  • Nice quality
  • Small and easily portable
  • A bunch of cards to go around so players can try and work on different pieces simultaneously
  • No restrictions on devices is nice so players don’t have to have any prior knowledge – you might even learn a thing or two (I did!)
  • No time limit (i.e. only have 60 minutes to win); can take your time
  • No instructions leads to an immersive experience rather than “playing a game”


  • On the other hand, no instructions leads to not being sure where to start or what order things should be done; no real flow
  • Can be frustrating if you are inexperienced/slower to solve ciphers; some solutions are also rather cryptic which adds to not knowing where to go next
  • Online elements are cool, but I wish I knew to use a computer rather than my phone. Things were slower to load and it was harder to find clues on mobile
  • Puzzles felt a bit repetitive. With that, the deck felt underutilized as most of the number cards weren’t very involved

Final Thoughts

Overall, I struggled with this game a lot, so I found it a little bit too difficult/frustrating to really enjoy. I could be persuaded to try it again (once I forget all the solutions that is), but I think I’d prefer to play it with a slightly larger group (3 or 4, rather than 2), and I’d like to try it with players who are more well-versed in these types of puzzles/ciphers than I am. Although it wasn’t for me personally, I think there are definitely plenty of you puzzlers out there who would really be able to enjoy this. If that sounds like you, check it out!

My Final Ratings:
Overall Game – 4/10 (a bit too complex for me, but could try it again)
Difficulty – 7/10
Aesthetics – 6/10
Replayability – 2/10 (Technically a one time play, but you can wait until you forget the solutions, or pass it on to a friend!)

Additional Information:
Designer – Khiara Foss
Artist – Khiara Foss
Publisher – The Enigma Emporium
MSRP – $29.00

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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