If you’re looking for your next favorite stress ball, which just so happens to be an adorable RPG-themed friend as well, then you’re in luck! RPG Squeeze has you covered with adorable Eyegors, Gelatinous Cubes, and Mimics too! Let’s check them out!

What Is It & Who Is It For?

Behold the incredible Eyegor!

RPG Squeezes are exactly what they sound like – Adorable little squishy toys in the shapes of some of your favorite dungeon crawl monsters! They come in a variety of colors, and come as blind boxes, so you are never quite sure what you’re going to get! They are also slow-rise squishes, so it takes a little while (don’t worry, not too long!) for them to regain their shape when squished, and it’s neat to watch them grow from a flat little thing to it’s original shape. I have a Blueberry Eyegor, shown here, and it’s not only great quality, but tons of fun to squish and squeeze.

I’d recommend these to almost all ages, (3+ to avoid choking hazards) especially if you’re a fan of D&D characters. It’s great if you just want something to fiddle with, so if you’re a fan of things like fidget cubes (like me), and like a good, solid stress ball.


  • Adorable designs + plenty of variety (on the current KS you can pick your monster but your color is a surprise!)
  • Vibrant colors
  • Super fun to squish and squeeze; it has a nice give and reforms with ease as well. I’ve been squishing it a ton and the rubber doesn’t crack either which is great


  • The only small issue mine had is that some of the eyes designs are printed a little off from where they should obviously be, but you don’t notice unless you look closely, and it doesn’t affect the product itself. Just squeeze it and you won’t even notice, cause you’ll be in love with the squish.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was expecting a pretty average stress ball type product, and was pleasantly surprised at the high quality item I got. The squishy bounces back with ease and it’s very satisfying to squeeze over and over and watch it reform. You could definitely use these in a game if you’re looking to add a little “pop” to an RPG campaign, or other board game, but they’re great simple toys for kids too, and stress balls for everyone. I absolutely recommend checking these out if you have the chance!

Side note, if you have the opportunity to check out these sweet stickers too, do so! They’re really nice, thick stickers that are also high quality, and I adore them!

Additional Information:
Current Kickstarter – Ending August 14th!
RPG Squeeze Site
Creature Curation Site
Designed by – Brian Colin
MSRP – $15.00