Art not final

As in, babies punching each other (because they’re small boxers) … not the act of punching babies. Please DO NOT punch babies, kthanks!

Now that that’s out of the way – let’s talk about this one! If you’re into wacky themes and quick card games, then you might want to settle in for a bit and take a look at Punching Babies. All in good fun, this 2-player, turn-based card game simulates 2 heavyweight babies fighting for the gold! Or … the belt? Or … whatever heavyweight fighters might fight for!

In this preview I take a look at a prototype of the card game, and highlight its beginnings. Please keep in mind that some things you see/read may change from my copy to the final version (in fact, I know a few things have already been worked on!) Without further ado, let’s take a look!

What Is It?

A quick and light card game for 2 where players throw down attack and defense cards to inflict damage on their opponent while, of course, protecting their own fighter. Special cards, which players can play multiple of in most turns, give players a few extra tricks up their little sleeves (yes, I know the babies in the box art, as well as most boxers, are shirtless) to come out ahead. A combination of battling and hand management, players need choose their moves wisely in order to win.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who likes a silly theme would probably be attracted to this one, as well as gamers, like me, who typically play 2-player games. I see it as a very “beer-and-pretzels” game (not a ton of strategy because it plays quickly; can have side chats throughout; et cetera) so if that’s what you’re into, it may be good for you too!


  • Quick and light
  • 2-player specific
  • Fun and unique theme
  • Theme is also executed well; cards align with theme well
  • Small and easily portable


  • Luck of the draw – getting lucky and getting certain combinations of cards can propel you ahead, but with the games playing over multiple rounds, it hopefully mitigates that a bit more often than not
  • From my plays, the vocabulary needed to be cleaned up quite a bit to help with confusion/”clunkiness.” From a post-play discussion with the designer, a few changes were made which helped the game a bunch, so I definitely hope that stays consistent for the final version
  • I wanted to see the “Hug” rules on the hug cards, since other cards had ability descriptions, rather than having to reference the rulebook for that; An additional card to note whether plays were in or out of a hug would also be helpful as there was no clear way to note that initially

Final Thoughts

Like I’ve said already, it’s definitely a unique theme and if you’re down with the silliness, it can come off as downright cute. My initial plays felt a little choppy because of the language on the cards not being totally clear, but after a few changes from the designer, it clicked a bit more and I hope to see more improvements in the ultimate final version. I think it has great potential, and with the proper attention it can be a pretty neat card game!

Happy Gaming~

Additional Information:
Designer – Dan Sterling
Publisher – Dan Sterling Games, LLC

*I was provided a prototype copy of this game to do this preview*
*All components shown are subject to change*

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