Dark color schemes and themes got you down? Maybe you’re just a little “over” long battle-type games that feel a bit dry.  Maybe you’ve just been looking for the perfect game to play with your kiddos. OR, maybe I’m completely off and you just want me to get to the point and tell you about this game. In any of those cases – great!

My Little Scythe is the cure to all those problems at once! With bright colors, fun pieces, a cute theme, and a medium play time, it’s a fresh face to bring to the table that plenty of game groups will enjoy. While appearing a little childlike on first glance, to some, My Little Scythe is definitely a game the whole family (or honestly, even just the adults) can appreciate! Let’s check it out …

What Is It?

A small-scale competitive adventure game where players work to collect resources, earn friendship, complete quests, and more in order to be the first to earn 4 trophies (of 8 available).

A little exploration and resource management, mixed with a bit of pick-up-and-deliver, and just a dash of take that/”warfare” (well, pie-fare…), make for a quick game with some silly moments, and a ton of fun sprinkled in!

Who Is It For?

I’d recommend this game to anyone who wants to introduce their kids to more substantial gaming as they get a little older, while still giving them something kid-friendly. I’d say this is probably for ages 10+ because it’s simple, but there is definitely some strategy involved as well, so it would be better suited for slightly older kids.

For those adults who like the idea or mechanics of Scythe, but maybe find it to be a little much (whether in looks, or length, or something else) would also enjoy this, because it kind of brings Scythe down on a smaller scale.

Families who game together are bound to enjoy this one, and I think that, like my fiance and I, adults who love a cute theme and simple game will find a gem here as well!


Amazing quality across the board on this game! The minis are, of course, my favorite part. They’re detailed and chunky, with color coded bases, and very unique choices of animals. In theory they look like a great painting opportunity, but I’m far too afraid of ruining them to try. Anyway …

The gems and apple tokens are very solid plastic, and the cardboard chits for the trophies, friendship, quests, and pies are also very sturdy. The upgrade tiles are also great as they’re super thick and solid too.  The insert is also a gem of its own with everything having a proper place and fitting together nicely. Finally, the rule book is very nice quality and everything is very clear and well written.


  • More basic/casual than Scythe
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Solo mode available for those of us who like to play games at lunch time but work from home … alone…
  • Plays quickly, especially with lower player counts
  • Allows for light strategy
  • Great intro board (strategy) game for kids
  • Many paths to victory since you only need 4 out of 8 trophies
  • Great for families, or kid groups, or adult groups. Yeah, everyone, that’s what I’m saying here.


  • Can be hard to get to the table with adults because it seems like a kiddie game
  • Pie fighting doesn’t seem to be as valuable in lower player counts (mainly 2-player)
  • Doesn’t shine at 2 players; it’s still super enjoyable, but there’s just so much more to get out of it with more players
  • Luck factor – if you roll and can put resources on yourself you’ll fare much better than someone who rolls and gets forced to put resources across the board from themselves.


I’d probably give this around a 2.5 to 3 out of 5 for difficulty. Overall, it is pretty easy to learn and play, so it’s not overly complex. But, there is opportunity for strategy in what actions you take and which trophies you aim for. It’s right in between a light filler and a heavy Euro – perfect middle of the road!

Final Thoughts

If you couldn’t tell already by my fairly obvious review, I really dig My Little Scythe! I went into it just thinking it was a really cute game, and it would be pretty light as it looked like it was just for kids. I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of substance under that cute exterior! It’s a game I definitely want to introduce my friends to, and I also hope to expose my young brother to, who is just starting out getting into board games (at age 12). This one comes highly recommended from me so don’t judge a game by its cover, and enjoy, folks!

Happy Gaming~

Additional Information:
Designer – Hoby Chou, Vienna Chou
Artist – Noah Adelman, Katie Khau
Publisher – Stonemaier Games

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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