Hey Gamer Fam!

During and in the aftermath of Gen Con, which I wasn’t able to attend, I saw a lot of really awesome posts and photos and game announcements that got me super excited for PAX Unplugged! I know it still seems like a while away, but when it’s the one big con a year you attend (like me) it’s cool to get stoked a bit early!

I already can’t wait to roam the vendor hall (at least 10 times), play a ton of new-to-me games, buy some new swag and games, and find the best pins. But, time for some real talk.

Amidst all my excitement for these things that I’ve done at PAXs past, I’m also feeling a bit more anxiety than usual, coupled with maybe a bit of imposter syndrome? Let me break it down a little bit.

This year I bought myself some business cards with my awesome logo that a friend made me and all my social media/contact information. When I first ordered and got them, I was thrilled at the thought of sharing them. I would love to meet with publishers this year and talk about games, and reviews, and really anything, because I haven’t done it in the past. BUT I have this unnerving feeling that I’m going to embarrass myself or I’ll be bothering them or, worse yet, wasting their time. The more I think about it, the more I feel like maybe I don’t belong at the convention as a content creator, even though I definitely am one.

On top of that, since the last PAX I’ve followed a lot of really awesome people on Twitter, and I would love to say hi to those who are going, maybe take some pics or even play a game together. But again, more than anything I feel like I don’t want to bother them, or embarrass myself because they won’t recognize me like I would them.

It might not seem like much, but these thoughts have been heavy on my mind for a while now and almost making me not want to attend PAX this year (but I definitely still will be). I love this convention and I’m trying to stay positive and find a million ways to continue being pumped for it, so good vibes and tips of positivity are more than welcomed here ^_^ If you’re feeling like this too, or ever have, just know you aren’t alone and I also hope things get better and am sending positive vibes your way.

As always, happy gaming, everyone~