If you’re ready to loop de loop until you can’t loop no more, then you’re ready to check out Loopy Loopers! These fast-flying, swift-spinning fidget toys are tricky to get the hang of at first, but lots of fun once you do! Let’s check them out!

What Are They & Who Are They For?

Touted as the “original marble spinner,” these are fidget toys that come in 4 varieties for plenty of spinning fun. They are great to relax with, use to refocus your mind, or just to have fun with and spin endlessly … if you can keep up, that is! I’d recommend these to anyone ages 8+ (might be a little trickier for those with smaller hands), anyone who likes to have something to play with that’s easy to store on a desk, and anyone who’s good at keeping their wrist motion consistent!


All really nice quality. Sturdy plastic rings, translucent colors which are really aesthetically pleasing. The rings also have spots to hold the marbles in place while on display, which is neat. Balls are metal (for speed), but covered in a soft plastic for a quiet spin, and so they’re less dangerous if you accidentally fling it across the room with your spin (which I may or may not have done…). The stands they come with are a nice storage solution to display them.


FLOW – This one seems like the easiest spinner. You can get it going pretty easily – there’s even a trick with starting the spin on a flat surface – and it’s just a single loop with a pretty thick track that’s pretty easy to keep it going. Nice one to begin with.

EDGE – This was definitely more difficult, at least for me, due to a thinner track. It’s harder to get it started and keep it going. Again, a pretty basic spinner, just a track that going around, but the different shape/size does change the feel of it and how to use it.

JUMP – Getting a little fancy with this one! This spinner has a gap for the ball to jump through while spinning … if you’re skilled enough (disclaimer: I’m truly not). I felt like this one needed you to consistently go a bit faster to get it to keep spinning, or else it just jostled around at the bottom (could have just been me though). It’s fun to try and get the ball to land in the gap when you stop spinning and so cool if you succeed!

HOOP – Easily my favorite of the bunch. This one is pretty easy to get spinning, like the Flow, has a little hoop that you want to get the ball into once you stop spinning, if you can stop it just right. The game it has built in is honestly wildly entertaining, and so satisfying when you finally get the ball in the hoop!


  • Small / Portable
  • Fun for all ages
  • Inexpensive
  • Quiet
  • Entertaining


  • Can be easy to lose a marble if you’re not very good and they just roll off into the distance
  • Requires more attention / focus / skill than most fidget toys

Final Thoughts

I thought these were a lot of fun! For me, they require too much attention for a fidget toy, which is something I want to use really mindlessly while I get something else done (if you’re able to do something else while spinning these, props to you because that’s crazy impressive). But as a general toy, these are top tier. I think a wide range of people would enjoy them, and the Jump and Hoop are great ones to pass around to see who can get the marble to land in those “goals” the most. They’re easy to store on a desk or workspace, and great to pull out for a quick mental break!

Final Ratings + Additional Information:

Overall Toys – 7/10
Difficulty – 2-5 /10
Aesthetics – 7/10
MSRP – $5.99