Hey there high (and low) rollers! I wanted to take a blog post to talk a little bit about dice and a few different (random-ish) aspects of them because, in case you didn’t know, I LOVE dice!

There are so many varieties and lots of reasons to buy them all up … especially if you just like to find excuses to buy them, like me. From RPG needs to board game upgrades and more, picking out the perfect sets is so much fun! I personally find it difficult to pull myself away from dice displays at stores and conventions, and more often than not I end up buying a set or two, even if I have no real plans for them other than “they look so nice!” So let’s dive ever so slightly deeper into the dice pool and talk about what’s to love about dice! Or, well, what I love about dice … but maybe you’ll love these things too!


A big thing for me when eyeing which set will be my next is how pretty the dice are (let’s be real, everyone takes that into consideration before a dice set purchase). I’m the most partial to marbled dice, I just love how the swirled colors look, and I’ve found some really awesome ones! These are followed closely by translucent dice, because I love how they look when the light shines through them – especially if they are multicolored. I don’t lean toward glittered or solid dice as much as I used to, but they’re also cool, because all dice are cool. There are also, of course, dice with special designs too, like our Pathfinder dice or our pirate dice. I don’t really go out of my way to get any of those types, but will pick them up on sale, or save them from a bad thrift game we didn’t like.

I’m also very picky about the color of the numbers/pips printed on dice. If the dice are yellow, I don’t want white pips! I like when there’s a good contrast so that the numbers are clear and easy to read. I also appreciate when they think outside the box though and try something like silver or gold instead of just the usual black and white.


Speaking of the printing on dice, do you prefer pips or numbers? While numbers may be arguably easier to discern quicker, I’m definitely a bigger fan of pips; I just think they look more fun, I guess!

In addition to that, I really prefer engraved dice to screen-printed ones. They tend to be longer lasting when engraved because the screen-printed ones start to run off easily the more they’re handled.


Okay, for my final point, we’re getting down to business. I am very (probably too) opinionated about logos/symbols on my dice. I think they’re awesome and unique and I always want to buy more BUT it’s devastating when the symbol isn’t where I want it to be – on the 1.

I know that the 6 (for example, on a d6) is the highest and so the best number, so it gets the special side, but that doesn’t fly with me. There’s one symbol, so I want it on the 1 side of the die. Simple as that. (See? I’m super passionate about this for no reason). Where do you prefer your symbols? What is your favorite symbol you’ve seen on a die? (Mine is the fox on the red dice from Fluff).

Quick Summary – Top 10 Dice Choices

10. Wooden or Plastic? –> Plastic! I’ve never been a fan of wooden dice for some reason.
9. Rounded or Pointed Edges? –> Rounded!
8. Pips or Numbers? –> Pips 🙂
7. Marbled, Glitter, Translucent, Other? –> Pretty much picking marbled every time; so beautiful.
6. Engraved or Screen-printed? –> Engraved!
5. Logos on 1 or the Highest Number> –> Always the 1!!
4. Polyhedral or d6 Sets? –> I find a lot more uses for d6 sets, so I buy a bunch more of those.
3. Mini, Average, or Chunky d6s? –> I like chunky ones for certain games, but I’ve found the prettiest ones in the minis, so I will put my vote there.
2. Proper Plural & Singular? –> A single die, multiple dice. I don’t care what anyone else says about it!
1. Roll or Dice Tower? –> Roll! I love the feeling of shaking them up in your palms and praying you’ll get exactly the roll you need, what a fun feeling!

Happy Dice Rolling, Everyone~

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