Everyone assembled? Great! Welcome back gaming heroes! Remember not too long ago when we talked about Jumanji Fluxx? Well I do! Now it’s time to take a look at another great Looney Labs Fluxx title – Marvel Fluxx! Grab your hammer, shield, scepter, or gauntlet and buckle in for a saving-the-world kind of ride! Let’s take a look!

What Is It?

A Fluxx game starring many of your favorite Marvel superheroes! This one mostly has all of your typical Fluxx cards with a few more thematic additions on some. It is still your standard pick up cards and play them as best you can while you watch the game around you change … a lot!

What’s New/Different?

This one didn’t see as many changes as Jumanji, but it did have a few notable nuances:
1. No Creepers! – Once again we see no Creeper cards in this version and I absolutely love that!
2. Turn Token – Also again, we see the turn token which is cool, but only seems to really matter if the rule relating to it comes out
3. Thematic Keepers and Actions – I’ve seen these in other versions, but I wanted to mention them because I thought they were really fun/fitting with this theme

Who Is It For?

Marvel and Fluxx fans alike will definitely enjoy this one, even if you didn’t like both before this! It’s a simple game to learn and play and being available at bigger stores like Target, I think it will get a lot of attention from gamers and non-gamers alike. I’d also recommend to ages 8+ because it is a pretty simple game to grasp.

Contents and Quality

Once again, we’re seeing your typical Fluxx quality here, which is great. The cards are sturdy, the coin is another hefty, aesthetically appealing poker chip, and the box is the improved quality that I’m hugely partial to over the thinner cardboard boxes we used to see.

The rules are a single sheet folded up, and everything is very clear on them to read and understand. The same goes for card text clarity. The art is very standard Marvel Comic character art, and that familiarity is always nice to see; not trying to be anything it isn’t.


  • Thematic cards are fun and cool; everything fits well together
  • Very inviting theme since Marvel is so popular right now
  • Reiterating the elimination of Creepers because YAY!
  • Nice art


  • No super unique add-ons in this version
  • The coin, again, doesn’t seem that necessary unless the rule card pertaining to it is played


Just going to keep this as the typical Fluxx rating of 1/5. Not at all difficult to learn or to play, because you just play cards and follow rules as they appear. You could easily teach this to anyone – all ages, and all gaming experience levels.

Final Thoughts

I’m a huge Marvel fan so I was immediately excited for this new version of Fluxx. While it doesn’t have any huge changes, it still has a few of its’ own elements to keep things fresh with longstanding fans of the game.

I think this one will be easy to get to the table because of all my friends who are Marvel fans, so I’m definitely excited for that as well. I also hope this version can bring new gamers to the table too!

My Final Rating: 7/10

Happy Gaming~

Additional Information:
Designer – Andrew Looney
Publisher – Looney Labs; Cardinal
Artist – N/A

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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