Hey there, Gamers!

Yesterday (was it yesterday? It feels like a hundred years ago…but it was November 3rd) was, as far as I know, Extra Life Day in a lot of places! One place was The Portal in Manchester, CT! They hosted a 24-hour gaming event fully equipped with plenty of attendees, games, tournaments, a silent auction, and of course, coffee! I was lucky enough to finally attend for the full 24-hours and I had a blast. I got to try a bunch of new games, see and play with some people I haven’t seen in a while, meet some new people, and win a few new games in the auction (while also giving to a amazing cause!!)

There isn’t much to say beyond that I am very happy that there are people in my area willing to put together such a great event and help to raise money for the children’s hospital. I just wanted to put it out there that if you’re in the area, definitely check out The Portal and their future Extra Life events. And if you’re not, check for Extra Life events in your area and experience something awesome!

Check out my pictures from the event below! This wasn’t even all of them, but I kept forgetting pictures. Happy Gaming~