Howdy Gamers!

So a while back I shared an post about making board game art. I want to try and make more of it, and while I hope to, I also hope to share more of it! So as I do it, however infrequently it may be, I’ll share some pictures and then any materials I may use below that. I hope to inspire you to make some board game art yourself for your gaming rooms, or really anywhere you’d like!
Happy Creating~

-Atari’s Centipede board game (picked it up for $2 at the Barnes and Noble sale)
-Packing tape (to reinforce the fold in the back
-Hot glue for all pieces (this was a bit thick for the cards, so in the future I’d recommend double-side tape)
-Sawtooth hanger for the back (this is fairly light, so one hanger is enough and one nail will hold it fine)

Time Taken: About 30 minutes.

My Tip: I usually like to dive right into things and plan as I go. Since this has a lot of pieces on the board, I definitely recommend placing the pieces where you want them first and seeing how it looks before you begin gluing.

Note: This is merely art and does not represent accurate gameplay.

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