Adventurers, assemble! Whether you choose your path as a cleric, a rogue, a wizard, or a warrior, you’ll need some faithful, fancy dice to help you through all your tough choices and challenges along the way. PolyHero Dice sets from Tabletop Tycoon have something for everyone! Let’s take a look at a few.

What Are They?

8-piece dice sets specific to certain classes. I have Rogue, Warrior, and Wizard sets myself. All of the sets have various color options as well. Here’s what comes in each set:

Warrior – 2 d20 spiked balls, 2 d10 gauntlets, a d12 helmet, a d8 mace, a d6 sword, and a d4 dagger. Mine are a steel gray color, which has orange text.

Rogue – 2 d20 powder kegs, 2 d10 loot bags, a d12 jewel, a d8 crossbow bold, a d6 poison bottle, and a d4 dagger. Mine are in a color called foxfire, which is green+translucent, and glows in the dark! These have black text.

Wizard – 2 d20 orbs, 2 d10 potions, a d12 wand, a d8 scroll, a d6 fireball, and a d4 bolt. Mine are in a color called aether mist, which is a blue/green/purple swirly combo, and these have black text as well.

Who Are They For?

  • RPG Players who want unique dice
  • Ages 14+ – Basically, just not small children who might put them in their mouths and choke on them
  • Anyone who wants a cool display piece of dice


  • Unique designs, very fun looking. Definitely clear what everything is. Love the colors on them as well
  • The foxfire dice glow really well and look awesome
  • Good weight/size
  • Most numbers are very clear to read and look good on the dice color


  • The shapes are fun, but some of them are not super functional. Some don’t really roll, they more just … fall to the table. The jewel in particular will sometimes just fall over onto the non-numbered side
  • Came in plastic bags, no box or display case like many dice sets I’ve seen. Sad because they’re pretty and I’d like to leave them on the shelf, but I need to find something to put them in
  • The 9s on the wizard dice are awful and hard to read. The 6s have lines under them which helps, but at a quick glance, you might be unsure what you rolled

Final Thoughts

Overall, I like these dice a lot! They’re very cool, very unique, and I’d definitely grab them for an RPG, or even for a board game that needed dice (especially if they fit the theme of the game). My biggest pet peeve is that they don’t come in any kind of useful storage solution, but otherwise, they’re a great choice!

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