Aren’t those just the cutest stuffies you’ve ever seen? Let’s see how many we can win! Between the plushies and the toy capsules, we’ll see who has the best aim and comes home with the most tickets! This is going to be so much fun!!

Dexterity – Each turn, the active player will use their arm as a crane and drop a coin onto a pile of cards to try and collect a plushie!

Set Collection – In addition to ticket points on cards, players can try to collect a set of different colored capsules to score points. Some cards will also score for sets of the same capsule.

The game ends when someone collects 6 cards; each other player takes 1 more turn. The player with the most points wins!

  • 2 to 5 Players – Works well at any count
  • Ages 8 & Up / Light or Family-Weight Gamers – Very small rule set. Just takes a bit of dexterity and light counting
  • Fans of dexterity and set collection
  • Fans of crane machines who want a game with that theme

  • Aesthetics – Great art/color scheme – super cute!
  • Components – The coin has a nice weight/feel. Cards are plastic, so they slide around when the coin falls sometimes, which actually works really well with the theme
  • Theme – Speaking of, the theme is super fun and cute and it translates well to the game
  • Small learning curve; very approachable and good for a wide audience
  • Small and portable; doesn’t need a lot of table space
  • Plays quickly
  • I was a little surprised by the range of points on cards, since you don’t have a ton of control in which card you end up getting, even if you’re decent at dropping the coin

Overall, there’s not much to this one, but I thought it was a good time. I really enjoy crane machines at arcades, and I thought this did pretty well at emulating that (and costing me a lot less money to keep playing, haha!).

I think for strictly older audiences, it might not hold a ton of replay value, but I can definitely see families/younger players returning to it more frequently. If you enjoy dexterity games, and cute little stuffies, this one is most definitely worth a shot.

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 7/10

Designer – D. Brad Talton, Jr.
Artist – Francesca Romero
Publisher – Level 99 Games
MSRP – $11.99

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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