Christmas is a magical time of year for all to enjoy. But this year… someone is trying to ruin everything! It’s up to you to work with the elves to solve puzzles and save Christmas, before it’s too late! Are you up for the challenge?

What Is It?

A holiday themed digital puzzle game akin to escape room style games. Players work their way through the story solving various riddles / puzzles, looking for the solutions that will help them proceed. They need to reach the end in order to save Christmas for everyone! Players will communicate with a team of elves through a secure portal in order to guide them on this quest.

Who Is It For?

  • 1 or more players (I enjoyed it at 2, and think it probably would be best with no more than 4)
  • Ages 10 and up – Some of the puzzles are tricky, but if you’re working with a group of various ages / skill levels, younger players can enjoy it as well
  • Families getting together for the holidays – OR – who can’t get together and want to play a game remotely together
  • Players who don’t mind sitting together in front of a computer to play a game for around an hour or so


  • Cute art
  • Clever interface, really feels like you’re interacting with the elves
  • Smooth gameplay, no long load times
  • Hint system with answers available if you get stuck
  • There’s a list of holiday drink/snack recipes, plus a playlist to turn on during the game included in the start guide, which I think is a great touch!
  • A great range of puzzles throughout – some tricky, some thinky, some more visual. The range is nice for playing in a group


  • You can’t control the text speed as it appears on screen
  • The game is not re-playable, as the link auto-updates with your progress, so you can’t share it with a friend, or play again at a later date once you forget the solutions, like you can with most other escape room style/puzzle board/video games

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a super cute game! I think it’ll be a fun experience for groups/families at Christmas, and can get a bunch of people involved together. It’s also a great choice if you aren’t able to get together with everyone, because you can play together remotely!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 7/10
Publisher – Puzzling Pursuits
MSRP – $17.95

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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