What food is called “chips” in the UK? What sweetens baklava? If you think you know a thing or two about food trivia, then this one is for you! Link all of the clue cards to the appropriate food answers, then check if your one leftover food is the key to a win! Hungry for the challenge? Let’s check it out!

Cooperative – Players work as a team to pair clues to food word cards

Trivia – Clue cards have 5 levels to choose from and are all different types of clues (i.e. word association, what foods are called in certain countries, et cetera)

  • 1 or More Players – Nice solo activity, but also great for a group. I especially think the higher levels are better with a few players so you have a wider range of knowledge to apply
  • Ages 10 & Up / Casual Gamers and Beyond – Game rules are simple, so it’s really for anyone interested in trivia. Some of the clues are definitely tricky through, so I might recommend younger players play with larger groups
  • Fans of food and trivia

Points – Normally, you don’t have to score, but you can add it in it you want. A perfect game is 100 points, and players get points for correct answers + getting the right key on the first or second try. – It’s fine if you want to see how you did overall, but I thought comparing every single clue card to answer cards was super tedious, and tried to avoid it unless I had to go to “last chance” (if your key is wrong after 2 guesses), so I prefer to play without scoring.

Competitive Play – Form up to 4 teams of 2. On your team’s turn, draw a card, compare to your chosen answer. If wrong, pass turn. If right, collect the card as a point and, if possible, take another turn by taking a clue card from the discard pile. Continue until you’re wrong, or cards in the discard run out. – If you’re a more competitive person, it’s a fine variant to see how you compare to others, but I thought it was fun to just go through all the clues together, so I prefer the cooperative option. Especially because I thought the range of clues (even within the same level) varied a lot with some seeming much easier than others.

  • Aesthetics – Really cute art, unique style
  • Decent variety of clues – 5 difficulty levels to choose from
  • Unique take on trivia, matching up cards to find 1 final answer instead of just answering multiple questions for points
  • Easy set up
  • Plays quickly/smoothly
  • Small ruleset; rules are well-written and clear

  • Disappointed that you can really only play each level once (at least until you forget the solution)
  • I did not like having to match up the codes on every card when doing the “last chance” because it was so tedious. I wish there was a solution book available as well
  • Bit of a table hog since you need to spread out all the word cards

I definitely thought this was a unique twist on trivia, and I thought it was an enjoyable experience. It was fun to see how much you knew and then try to figure out remaining clues based on what words were left, and it was cool to learn a few food fun facts too!

For me, when I think “trivia game” I think of something that has a whole bunch of questions/variety, so I can play it a lot without seeing repeats or learning all the answers, so I was a little disappointed that each of the levels only had 1 answer, meaning you could really only play it 5 times before you’d have to repeat.

Still, if you like trivia games (and food in this case) then it’s worth checking out this neat little game!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 6/10
Designers – Joël Gagnon, Marie-Ève Lupien
Artist – Polly Lindsay
Publishers – Randolph, Hachette Boardgames USA
MSRP – $11.99

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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