Howdy faithful readers! This weekend my fiance and I attended Granite Game Summit (G2S) in Nashua, NH! Before this, I have been to one small board game convention (Grand Con) and and one large convention (PAX Unplugged)! Both were totally awesome.

I was definitely excited about this one, but knew it would be even smaller than Grand Con – little to no vendors, small library, mostly BYO games, small venue – but I was still anxious to get there and try it out.

It surprised me a little how generous people were with their games (we are far too anal about ours to share them while we aren’t playing them ourselves) but it was amazing! There were so many to choose from, I never knew what to play next! I got to play so many games I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, and I had so much fun trying things out. On top of that, we got to do a short pop-up escape room, won some play-to-win games, did geeky trivia, met a lot of cool people, and even got to try a few prototypes! Overall, it was a great convention full of fantastic people that I hope to see again next year! 🙂

Read on for a list of games I got to play and some pictures of a few! (I wish I had taken more, but I kept forgetting haha)

Games I Got to Play at G2S!

  • Pickle Letter
  • Brutal Kingdom
  • Mr. Card Game
  • Re-Chord
  • “Beer Dice” (prototype – not official title – making craft beer with dice)
  • Hit the Jackpot (prototype deck builder)
  • Lightening Dice
  • Pack the Pack
  • Blackwood
  • Inis
  • Animal Upon Animal
  • Pirate’s Blast
  • Pallina
  • Cytosis
  • Affliction: Salem 1692
  • Codenames (large group/more deduction version)
  • Pyramid Poker
  • Wicked Apples
  • Pitcrew
  • Karuba
  • Medici: The Card Game
  • Oh My Goods!
  • Flip City
  • The Grimm Forest
  • Sparkle Kitty
  • The Game on Fire
  • Bearly Asleep (Prototype by designer of Moonquake Escape)
  • Heartthrob
  • Meeple Circus
  • Ursa Minor
  • Champion of Earth
  • Wordsy
  • Dragonwood
  • Stir-fry Eighteen
  • Gonuts for Donuts
  • Dragon Punch
  • Klask
  • Bonk
  • H.I.D.E
  • Dragon Island