Welcome back to another Top 100, Gamers! I go back and forth on this list a lot every year because I feel like it is so difficult to compare all of the different games that I love. I use this fancy ranking engine, because I do think it’s the best/easiest way to get this list, but sometimes it’s just hard to choose between certain games because you have to factor in mood, players, group size, and more.

I admit, this list might not be totally perfect, and I might sometimes pick my #83 before my #24 depending on some of those factors. Regardless, these are all some very awesome games, which I totally love, and I think you should also check them out or ask me to talk about them non-stop – haha!

New games below are noted with a (N) while games that appeared on last year’s list have (#) next to them, with whatever number they came in at last time. Let’s dive in.

100. Funkoverse (Series) (98)
99. Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers (87) – This one is hard to get to the table, but I still think it’s pretty cool!
98. Disney Villainous (60)
97. Blackwood (42)

96. Meadow (93)
95. Escape: The Curse of the Temple (58)
94. Run, Fight, or Die (65)
93. Welcome To… (73)
92. Qwixx (N) – I was definitely surprised this one wasn’t on the list last year! Great, simple roll and write game.
91. Rise (N) – It’s basically “Tracks: The Game” and I love tracks!

90. Tag City (68)
89. Seasons (82)
88. Fish Cook (78)
87. Dice Hospital (N)
86. Takenoko (62)

85. Animals in Espionage (50)
84. Wacky Races: The Board Game (63)
83. Tumblin’ Dice (59)
82. Kingdomino Origins (N) – Kingdomino was #100 in 2022, but Origins kicked it out once and for all. I think the versatility of Origins just makes it a better pick for me
81. Valiant Wars (69)

80. T.I.M.E. Stories (75) – I definitely feel like I should take this off the list at this point, since there aren’t current expansions, and I don’t like the new cycle games. But I just love the TS experience so much, and still like playing through fan expansions when I can!
79. Space Invaders / FlipShips (61)
78. Splendor Duel (N) – Definitely replaces Splendor for me!
77. Grand Austria Hotel (N)

76. Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game (40) – This one gets harder and harder to get to the table, unfortunately, but it’s still one of my favorites!
75. Vivarium (N)
74. HerStory (N) – I was a little surprised this didn’t make the list last year either. Glad to see it this time!
73. Calico (N) – I have a bit of regret over getting rid of this game, I still like it. But at least I know some others who have it!
72. Deception: Murder in Hong-Kong (97)
71. Suburbia (36)

70. Transmissions (N) – Such cute lil robots!
69. Stockpile (53)
68. Tiwanaku (N)
67. Sheriff of Nottingham (92)

66. Holiday Hijinks (Series) (46) – Some of my favorite escape room games! Lots of puzzle in a little package!
65. The Quest for El Dorado (52)
64. Kingsburg (N)
63. Potion Explosion (57)
62. Monikers (39)
61. Picture Perfect (35)

60. Cascadia (20)
59. Dixit (N)
58. The Key (Series) (47) – Really looking forward to getting the newest of these games, hopefully this year!
57. Galaxy Hunters (N)
56. Mysterium (90)
55. Dicenstein (51)

54. Decktective (Series) (81) – We have gotten a little better at these, but even when we miss the mark, I still really like playing through these
53. The Red Dragon Inn (38)
52. Chronicles of Crime (30) – I still can’t believe I haven’t played through the base game since getting into this, only the Millennium Series! But hey, still really like this system.
51. Bunny Kingdom (20)

50. ROVE: Results-Oriented Versatile Explorer (56)
49. Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef (64)
48. Scythe (N) – I always said I preferred My Little Scythe, but since playing this more, I have to say it’s better since there’s so much more game. I just like those cute little pieces in the “kiddie” version

47. Argent: The Consortium (8) – I still really like this game, I just haven’t played it as much more recently.
46. Brass Empire (77)
45. The Search for Planet X (25)
44. Fleet: The Dice Game (13)
43. The Guild of Merchant Explorers (N) – This has a look that I would normally avoid, so I’m always pleasantly surprised I like it so much!
42. Lords of Waterdeep (74)
41. Cartoon Network: Crossover Crisis (19)

40. Escape Room: The Game (Series) (29)
39. Abyss (66) – Let me tell you, the giant playmat really brings the whole game together!
38. Dice Kingdoms of Valeria (28)

37. Alien Frontiers (43)
36. Azul (N)
35. Fantastic Factories (N)
34. Bitoku (16)
33. Whirling Witchcraft (12)
32. Everdell (41)
31. Cartographers (14)

30. Just One (48)
29. Istanbul (20)
28. Draftosaurus (17)
27. Dreadful Meadows (N) – This was a great new game this year! I love a good spooky theme!

26. Merchants of Magick: A Set a Watch Tale (N)
25. Museum Suspects (37)
24. Trails of Tucana (N)
23. Funfair (31)
22. Love Letter (Series) (22)I think the Princess Princess one is my favorite!
21. The Quacks of Quedlinburg (11) – Love pushing my luck in this one!

20. Silver & Gold (23)
19. Heart of Crown (18)
18. Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game (15) – Still debating if I should get more for this game or keep it as is… It takes up a ton of space, but I like mix-matching the characters!
17. Asking for Trobils (26)
16. The Few and Cursed (33) – This game is a bit long, so I prefer it at only 2, but no matter the count, it’s a good time!
15. Almost Innocent (N) – I really love co-op deduction games with limited communication. They work so well!

14. For Northwood! A Solo Trick-Taking Game (N) – Ask anyone, I really do not like trick-taking. But I love this solo game, it works so well!
13. Starship Captains (N) – Probably my favorite find from PAXU 2022!
12. Meeples & Monsters (9)
11. Monsters on Board (32) – I am dying to get my hands on my own copy, but this game sure is hard to come by!

10. Merchants Cove (N) – I know, the #10 spot is pretty dang high for a new entry, but this game is awesome! I love the multi-player solitaire style of game, and the characters are so unique!
9. Similo (44) – I’m honestly obsessed with this game and pick it any time I need a 15 minute filler. I also have so many different decks now!
8. Space Base (5) – Pull this out a ton on game nights. I know more expansions are coming, but honestly, I feel like nothing is better than the base game for me.
7. Unlock! (Series) (4) – Still my favorite escape room board games, by far. They work so well and are a ton of fun. Can’t wait for more boxes!
6. Flamecraft (10) – This game is so cute! I can’t wait to get a set of the new miniatures for painting!
5. Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade (6)
4. Sagrada (7)
3. Natsumemo (3) – Need to pull this out more often, especially with 6 (which I won’t often opt to play). It’s such a fun, silly time. Let’s build a fort!
2. MicroMacro: Crime City (2) – I am dying to play the huge combined-map game! Soon, hopefully!
1. Marvel United (1) – No surprise there. I will literally always be down for a game of this still, so I expect it to be here a while. Especially once I get the next wave of expansions hopefully this year!